If there is a moment to misuse something,

Why not the five senses we use?


Dumb as it sounds,

It does have its interesting moments.


Able to see colors through smells,

Feel or taste sound or sight.


Again strange,

But what if there is a hidden meaning to it,

Besides the oh-so easy LSD drugs,

And it just happens.


Ponder a moment at the thought,

And go with it when questions follow.


Could the meaning of how life becomes more simplex?

The symbols of differences soon become likely toss aside finally because of it?

Have becoming complex be only know as random word play?


Many more questions will come in time,

On answers relies on who is being asked,

And will it be answered with childlikeness or maturity,

For so again,

Are you asking or is another asking you?


A thought as any other,

Becomes a hedge maze,

Some are likely to never escape from,

Unless they,


Made it!


In the twists and turns,

An exit is bound to be found,

But again,

Is the person ready to leave?


Or do they wish to walk on through,

The coils and spins,

Because what the unidentified holds,

Is just too much for them?



I’m not the one that needs to answer,

Am I,

Little hedge walkers.

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