Almost since I started blogging there was one thing I wanted to talk about. My love for the actor/comedian Bob Hope. I was lucky to grow up when he was still doing his variety specials, and loved every one of them. I wanted to do an article on him, but just listing his specials sounded boring even to me. Of course we can also discuss his movies, USO shows, commercials, the way he was master of the monologue, and live shows which I am proud to say I was in the audience of once. This guy was a true legend.So instead what I will do is discuss six specials appearances by Bob Hope. Those times when he popped up unexpectedly, or as a guest star, and stole the show. Here now are six favorite Bob Hope “special appearances”.


#6.The Tonight Show

One night back in the good old days, Don Rickles as guest hosting The Tonight Show when Bob Hope and friends decided to surprise Don. This clip is doubly special for me, because just recently I had the pleasure of seeing Don Rickles live at Foxwoods.


#5.Spies Like Us

How do you spice up a horrible movie? Well ok, horrible may be an overstatement. This Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd vehicle was ok. In the middle of one scene, Bob Hope suddenly appears and delivers a straight line. It’s a nice homage to his classic road movies with Bing Crosby.


#4.The Jack Benny Show

Ok kids, we’re going into the waayyyy back machine now. I have no idea what age this is but it’s sure old. The whole sketch is Jack Benny trying to talk Bing Crosby into being on his show. What does that have to do with Bob Hope? Well not to spoil it he pops up in the end with the funniest line of the sketch.


#3.The Muppet Show

Yeah Bob Hope had a history with The Muppets. I loved his cameo in The Muppet Movie, it was short and sweet. But I couldn’t find a clip of that so instead let’s discuss his appearace on The Muppet Show. It was hard to get Bob Hope to really appear because of his schedule, but he did manage to appear in one great song number.



Dolly Parton had her own show briefly back in 1988. I only saw the Christmas episode and this one which starred Miss.Piggy. The show was OK but we can discuss that another day. One Hope’s best movies was Paleface with Jane Russell. It was a surprisingly good western and I loved it. In this sketch from Dolly’s show Bob Hope reprises his role of Potter from that movie, and does a rendition of the classic “Buttons and Bows” song.

For some reason the clip is broken into two parts so:
PART 1    PART 2

And as a bonus, here is the original version from the great movie.

#1.The Golden Girls

Bob Hope was known for many things but doing sitcoms wasn’t one of them. Somehow they got him to agree to be in this one, and it’s one of my favorite episodes. The plot is silly and even kind of nonsensical. But it’s also leading up to that last sceen when Bob Hope appears. The clip is below I apologize for the sound quality.


Finally, here is a tribute to Bob Hope from the Academy Awards. This sums things up very nicely

Do I have to say that this isn’t even a drop in the bucket? Bob Hope appeared in so many things that I could be here all day. I was a major fan of the actor/comedian and it was a very sad day when he passed away in 2002. I am consider myself lucky that I got to see him live and enjoy his fantastic vareity specials in the 80’s.


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