I talked the other day about the sitcom Alf. The series ended on a cliffhanger….which was never resolved! The show was cancelled and that was that. Until a TV movie came along to fill that gap. While the movie sucked, at least it was something. Many shows don’t even get that much, and will leave a cliffhanger unresolved forever. Now unlike Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, it does not aggravate me when this happens. But is is annoying.

There are lots of these actually but here are five TV cliffhangers that annoy me because they will never be resolved!


I loved this show, have I mentioned that? The final episode had Benson and the Governor running for Governor of the whatever the name state they were in. The episode has them at odds and arguing, and finally the last scene is the two patching things up in the kitchen. Finally, the results are in and the winner is…..still have no idea. Argh! Why did the creators decide this was the way to end the show (and they knew full well it was the end)? Well I guess three endings were filmed. One where Benson won, the other where the Governor won, and the cliffhanger. Guess which they went with? No resolution so I made up my own ending.

By the way, Benson was spun off from Soap which also ended on an unresolved cliffhanger. Though they did sort of resolve it in an episode of Benson, but that’s a long story.

My Name is Earl

This kind of doesn’t count, but screw it. I think we all know this one. The premise of My Name is Earl is that Earl was determined to be a better person by creating a list of people he wronged and was going to make amends. Great premise, but as I talked about in other articles the creators didn’t stick to that premise and lost their audience. So much so that the series cancelled before it ever reached a resolution. Leaving fans to wonder if Earl ever did finish that list, which according to the creator he would not have.

Lois & Clark

This one hurt. I said before the last season of this show sucked, and it did, but it still deserved better. The final episode involved, among other things, Lois and Clark talking about having a baby. As you can imagine the fact that Clark is an alien kind of makes things harder. The final scene of the final episode had a baby appear in Lois and Clark’s house, out of nowhere. What was the story? No idea the show was cancelled. Actually later on one of the creators explained that had they done a 5th season the baby was supposed to be Kryptonian royalty hidden with Lois and Clark so they could protect him from assassins. That would have been different.

Caroline in the City

Yeah ok this wasn’t the greatest sitcom ever made, but did it have to go out on an unresolved cliffhanger? The main thrust of the show was the will/ won’t they romance between Caroline and Richard. So in the final episode of whatever season it was, Richard has moved to the other side of teh world to take care of his ex’s baby (which he is the father of). He is informed that Caroline is getting married to some guy. We cut to the wedding, and before she can take her vows she looks up to the balcony to find Richard and the baby there. What happens next? Does she go to Richard? The series was cancelled, so no one knows.

The Sopranos

I didn’t watch this one but it still kind of bugs me the way they ended it. Some may have noticed that with all the talk of series finale’s I did last month I hardly mentioned drama’s. Well, here is one which left a lot of viewers feeling empty. Let’s cut right to the chase, the last scene has Tony sitting at a diner with his family. Suddenly we hear the diner bell indicating someone has walked in. Tony looks up….BLACK SCREEN! Who is it? What does he/she want? Did Tony survive? No idea we cut to black and roll credits. What the hell kind of ending is that? Sadly with James Gandolfini passing away last year we will probably never know.

There are dozens of these, so I throw it out to you guys. Comment and let me know which unresolved cliffhangers aggravate you!

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