Theme songs are amazing things. A good theme song and get you excited for a show, and makes you smile when you think of it even years later. I have talked a lot about theme songs from TV shows I loved, but what about from TV shows I did not love? It is something special when a TV theme is so memorable that even though I had no interest in the program, I still can’t help but love the theme!

Here are my top 5 favorite themes to TV shows I never watched

#5 Greatest American Hero

High on he list because, honestly, I am not sure if I never watched it or not. I was familair with it, but watch it? Not sure. I was to young to remember. But the theme is great song that I love to listen to. It was also a full fledged song which I remember hearing on my radio many times in the good old days.

#4.The People’s Court

I said before that I never watched this show, and I didn’t, but you gotta admit it has an awesome theme! Of course the reason I am so familiar with it is probably because anytime anyone does something legal related in a comedy show, this is the theme that more often than not pops up.

#3.Sanford & Son

I never got into this show. I was never much of a fan of Redd Fox either. But how can you ignore that kick ass theme song? It is awesome! “The Streetbeater” was produced by Quincy Jones and while not a success in the charts, it’s a very popular piece of music and fits the show perfectly (I assume since, as I said, I never watched it).

#2. 321 Contact

When I was a kid I loved PBS. Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Electric Company…they were all great. The one I never got into was 3-2-1 contact. Even though I did read the magazine and loved it, the show just never got my interest. Maybe because it was science themed, or maybe because it was played more straight then the other shows. The theme song did get my interest and I enjoy it despite never watching a minute of the show. Especially that last part. 3….2….1  CONTACT!!!

#1. Dr.Who

I never did get into this show. It seemed to silly when I was a kid. As an adult, I am intimiated by the forty years of history. It’s like starting Star Trek with Voyager, things will seem odd. But thanks to Channel Awesome (AT4W most notably) I have had some exposure to it and I have to admit…that theme song rocks!! I freaking love it!
Regarding the clip. I couldn’t decide which theme to use, and then I found a video which has ALL OF THEM! Enjoy.

Ok in fairness the earlier shows had a weaker theme but the one used in the more modern era just KICKS ASS!! Now I just need to actually sit through an entire episode……

That’s it for now my friends, if I come with five more I will be back with that. Until then, be good to yourselves

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