I have talked before about things I am kind of embarrassed to admit I liked. For instance how I actually like Christmas with the Kranks. Waaayy back I did a list like this but, to be honest, most of the shows I listed were decent and have strong fans. What about the real embarrassing stuff?

Today I want to discuss five TV shows from all time that I usually will not admit I liked, but I did and watched without hesitation.

#5.Today’s Special

This show was corny, silly, and really weird….and I watched it every chance I got. It was a Nickelodeon show, excuse me actually it was a Canadian show airing on Nickelodeon because that’s all they had in the 80’s. It was about a department store and a mannequin who comes to life. There was a mouse and….it was silly but I watched.

#4.Fear Factor

My now ex-wife actually got me into this show, and it was strangely compelling. It was gross, sure, but watching people eat gross things and be covered with bugs was, oddly, entertaining. One thing the show had was a good host; Joe Rogan did a very good job of not being too serious. They had theme shows and celebrity episodes, and it was just good fun. Yeah my wife made me watch it but I admit, I was into it.

#3.Soap Operas

Once in awhile, through no fault of my own, someone will get me hooked on a soap opera. And if the story was interesting, which isn’t always the case, I was drawn in. Years ago my brother got me watching the NBC soap “Santa Barbara”. Anyone remember Marcy Walker? In college my girlfriend had me watching Loving, and in married life I was a very loyal fan of Days of Our Lives and Passions. After my marriage ended I had no one to make me watch these shows, so I stopped. But I admit when I did watch them, man I was hooked.

#2.One Saturday Morning

I mentioned this before I think. And you may be wondering, what is so embarrassing? I mean some of that stuff was pretty decent. Here’s the thing: I was married and in my 20’s at the time. It’s hard to explain why but I genuinely liked some of this stuff. Pepper Ann was really good, Recess had decent characters, and how can you go wrong with Winnie the Pooh or House of Mouse? Maybe I was just at that age when you want to be young again, I don’t know. I am not saying I was a fan of everything that came on this very special block, but I did really liked what I did see.

#1.Judge Judy

I was never a fan of judge shows. When I was a kid People’s Court was all the rage and I never got into it. Judge Wapner was cool but I didn’t watch. And then something changed when this show came along. Judge Judy freaking rocks! I just love the way she doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Some like to say she is mean, but if you watch the show she only gets mean when the defendants are lying or being jerks. She isn’t a bad person and I have watched her for over 15 years now. Wow. Yeah she is no nonsense and she is tough, but she has been on the air this long so she must be doing something right. My favorite are the real idiot defendants who are clearly in the wrong. Watching her have fun with them is awesome. And yes a lot of her stuff is boring, I usually skip over any case involving an unpaid loan, but when she is on fire she is awesome! I love this show so much I even dvr’d for awhile.What else can I say? Jude Judy is awesome!

What, no sitcoms? Ok I admit it. I watched My Two Dads. It was pretty good, when you got past the insane premise! Saved By The Bell, Small Wonder, and  Beverly Hills, 90210 are other TV shows I am embarrassed to admit I really liked. We all have those shows that we shouldn’t like but will watch anyway. These were some of mine and if I come up with some more I am sure I will share them with you. Til then, take care my friends.

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