Tomorrow is Valentines Day….yay. I actually have no use for this holiday, for reasons I could be here all day explaining. Instead I decided to take this opportunity to talk about TV weddings. It only figures that tv shows, from sitcoms to drama’s, would have wedding episodes.
Wedding episodes are a lot like vacatione episodes. You can’t just have a wedding ceremony, you need a story of some kind. Some shows do a great job weaving a plot in and often their most memorabale episodes are wedding episodes. Is there anyone who has never heard of Luke and Laura’s wedding? Rhoda’s wedding was one of he most watched tv episodes ever. And Friends had no less than three wedding episodes all very well done.
But rather than list all the varous weddings we have seen, I thought it would be more fun to look at the bad one’s. Those weddings which were just groan inducingly bad, some so much so that they remain famous for being so lame. Here are my five worst TV weddings episodes, and as always this is just my opinion.
I actually would have started with the Full House episode where Jesse and Rebecca get married, but I recently discussed that. If you’re curious, here is the link:
Let’s call that a #6 spot and instead talk about five other examples:
I am not going to sit here and pretend I actually saw this one when it aired. But it was so silly and over the top that it has become legend in the anals of “so bad it’s good” TV. It is the kind of thing everyone has heard of, along with Bobby in the shower from Dallas and Rosalind getting the shaft in L.A.Law. What happened? I will spare you the backstory of this show and cut to the chase. It was the season finale as The Carrington’s are attending the wedding of Amanda Carrington and Prince Michael. All is going well when suddenly a bunch of terrorists storm in! They smash through the windows and shoot up the entire wedding party, guests and all!!! I am not even joking, that’s exactly what happened. The final shot of the cliffhanger is the entire wedding party on the floor, presumed dead. It’s a fantastic image to be honest. The show was going through a tough contract period, and the creators were playing hardball. The worst thing is when the next season premiere came on it established that almost everyone survived. It’s been said the show was downhill after this, and I have no doubt.


Want to know more googgle Dynasty Moldavian Masacre.

There are times when a writer (or writers) will come up with an idea and just think it’s hilarious. But the viewers, not so much. Now of course I can’t speak all who watched this show but for me, this sucked. If you know this show than you know Craig T.Nelson and Shelly Fabares starred as Hayden and Christine. After a long courting and engagement they finally set their wedding date. Then the creators thought it would be fun to take the much anticipated wedding and kill it. The first try was going just fine, until Christie tripped on her dress causing her to tumble through a staircae railing, when she grabbed onto a chandelier from which she hung until dropping smack into her huge wedding cake. Yes, I am serious. That happened.I can see the joke, have Christine be the one to ruin the ceremony of all people. It was stupid. The second try was in Vegas and barely counts, a dead car battery killed that idea. The third try had a chance until the priest never showed up. Hayden and Christine come across him and his broken down car on he side of the road. And that is where they finally get married, at the side of the road with no fanfare. And by then I just didn’t care anymore.
#3.The Brady Bunch
Yep. The Brady Bunch had one of the worst TV weddings I ever saw. Thank goodness by the time I saw this episode I was a fan. How did the series get picked up after this? Anyway let’s discuss. The pilot episode features Mike and Carol nervous on their big day. For some stupid reason, the boys decide to bring Tiger along to the wedding. Thankfully, Mike has common sense and tells them to leave the dog in the car. However, the dog is one smart pooch and somehow opens the window. He escapes, and sees the cat Fluffy. What happens next is predictable, and stupid. The animals chase all over the place, wrecking everything. Mike and Carol scream at the kids, and it ends when Mike tries to save the wedding cake-and fails getting the cake all over him. Later, Mike and Carol can’t enjoy their honeymoon as they recall their behavior so they go and bring the six kids along. On their honeymoon. When all they had to do was call the kids up and apologize! I loved this show but, yeah, this was just silly.
#2.Everybody Loves Raymond
You may be thinking I am going to talk about Robert’s Wedding. The big event in that episode was Marie ruining the ceremony with her own neurotic concerns. But in that episode the character was actually in character and the episode actually turned out really good in the end. No, I want to talk about the episode where neither is true. This was the one which flashes back to Ray and Debra’s wedding. What were the writers thinking? And yes I know Ray was one of the writers, but still! In the flashback Ray is in super worry mode, convinced Debra just wants the big wedding not to actually marry him. Just before the ceremony, Frank gives Ray a bottle of alcohol. We then cut to the ceremony, where Ray proceeds to like a huge horse’s behind with his being excessively happy. He interupts the priest and comes off as a moron, and not in  the usual charming way. Remember in my article the other day I complained Ray was way to mopy? This was the exact opposite, and it’s stupid! After the ceremony Debra discovers Ray had the alcohol but never drank it. Apparently that’s what Ray is like when he is happy. Thank goodness we never saw that again!
#1.Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman
I’ve made no secret that I loved this show. It was a soft but decent version of Superman featruing Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. But, the series wasn’t perfect. It started going downhill in Season 3 with the wedding episode. The wedding of Lois & Clark…was a fake out. A huge and awful story arc emerging from it. But that wasn’t so bad. However, the episode I want to discuss is the “real” wedding episode from the following season. Man was it stupid!! Ok let me try to explain this one. The A story involves Delta Burke as the villain of the week, playing a woman who loves destroying people’s weddings. Believe it or not, this is the good part of the episode. The B story (I guess) has the characters running into a man named Mike who knows them, and they know him but have no idea how. Who is Mike? Where does he come from? The creators chose to keep that vague as possible. Ok, after the Burke story is done we see Lois & Clark are still not married. Suddenly Clark gets this funny feeling…and no I am not making a dirty joke. Clark and Lois fly….somewhere. They find Mike is there waiting for them….somehow. Their family and friends are also there….somehow. And we get this lovely ceremony THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Maybe this could have worked if Mike was a regular character who had been introduced before this. But here, it feels soooooooo forced and sooooo lame. Also, a gaurdian angel in a Superman story? Really??? It really has to be seen to be believed. Now I will be fair and say the ceremony is lovely. But everything surrounding it is pure stupidity, as if the creators were trying wayyyy to hard. And I stopped watching the show after this.
Of course weddings aren’t just featured on TV. They have been the focus of many movies. Some good, some not so much. I really enjoyd Father of the Bride and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My Best Friend’s Wedding was decent. The Wedding Singer was cliche’d fun.

However, I did not enjoy Four Weddings and a Funeral, it just wasn’t funny, and Betsy’s Wedding was quite simply one of the worst movies I have ever sat through. Awful. And I never saw Wedding Crashers

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