In the last completed issue of the original series Energycore of Power gets to see what the world will be like in the future. Also the main hero tries to kill another hero for a girl.

Comments from Previous Manic Expression Site

BigBlackHatMan: Are you still planning to reboot the series? There have been things I have really dug in the series and would like to see how you handle it now. It was fun lending my voice to this too. Good work
jashykins: I’ll have to watch this since I think I did a voice for this. Been a little afraid to watch due to the embarrassment of hearing myselfXD
HedonisticActor: I’m still planning it. What is keeping me from starting is that I don’t think my art work is good enough to carry an entire comic series and in order for me to hire a regular artist I first want to have a steady source of income. Perhaps I should make some kind of practicing work to see how people would react to my art./There are many actors who don’t watch the movies they’ve been in (Johnny Depp for example) and simply enjoy the working process but if you’re still struggling to watch the video I can assure you that you did a fine job. 🙂
jashykins: Finally got to watching this. “Where’s my nose!” XD

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