This is a term I made up, what does it mean? This is what happens when a female celebrity is famous and wealthy, not to mention very nice and happy, and the whole world hates them. Now I am not talking about their work, I get that, I am talking about hating THEM. Now some people are hated with reason. Take Rosie O’Donnel, she was loved unil she started shooting her mouth off and offending people. But some celebrities are hated just because they are nice people who are succesful. That really doesn’t seem fair. Here are some examples to explain what I am talking about.
Kathie Lee Gifford
I named this after Kathie Lee because I have never seen a better example of this phenomenon than with her. What in the world did Kathie Lee do to warrant the hate she gets? She has two beutiful kids, a nice husband, and a succesful career. She can sing you know! When her son Cody was born she talked a lot about him, because on her show she and Regis discussed their lives and like any new mother Cody was her life. And man, people would not let it go! I mean yeah I guess it can be annoying listening to someone act like they are the only people to have a kid, but good lord! Then the Wal Mart scandal broke. Even though she had nothing directly to do with it, her name was connected and finally people had something to really hate her for so they did. But this started long before that story broke, and I never understood it. I am glad this has faded, but I just never understood what this woman did to deserve such HATE.

Paula Abdul
I was a huge fan of Paula Abdul, even went to her concert in 1992. However, even her presence on American Idol couldn’t make me watch. But I didn’t have to watch to start hearing the rumors. Apparently Abdul had the nerve to care for the conetstants, and would excited if they did well and be sad if they did not. People began making fun of her and saying she is on medication or drinks a lot. Well I still like her and I am not afraid to admit it. She explained the rumors were false, she just got emotionally invested in the contestants. Did anyone except that? Of course not.
Nancy Kerrigan
Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since the Kerrigan/Harding circus. If you don’t know about twenty years ago Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed in the leg after a skating compietion. Long story short, it was the boyfriend of her rival Tonya Harding. This story was HUGE! At first people felt sorry for Kerrigan. Then as the world watched her every single move, literally, they grew to hate her, why? She did the most horrible crime anyone can commit-she acted like a normal person. People made fun of her crying after the attack. I’d like to see what you would have done after being maliciously attacked like that. People made fun of her because she though the Disney World parade was corny. First of all, it is. Oh and here’s an idea–get the camera out of her damn face! People mocked her for not being there for the Olympics closing ceremony. Why didn’t she stay? Who cares, we hate her!!! It is just amazing how many people hated her, and for doing nothing wrong. She won the silver in 1994 and has had a nice career since.
Anne Hathaway
I admit I was not aware of this but my reseach forced me to include her. Why is she so hated? Heck if I know. Must be the Kathie Lee Gifford syndome! She is attractive, succesful, and seems perfectly nice. EVIL! Ok maybe she is not the greatest actress ever but she is nice enough. I liked her in the few things I have seen her in. So, what’s the problem? Oh and she did not ruin The Dark Knight Rises. A weak script did.
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Someone, please, tell me what these girls did that was so horrible! Want to hate Full House? Fine. Want to find her character Michelle annoying? Ok. Want to hate the crappy movies they made? Fair enough. No interest in their fashion line? Whatever. But why do people hate these two so hard? Maybe people think they are not talented thus not deserving of their fame. Um, have you seen Kim Kardashian? That is someone undeserving of her fame! And why do people assume the twins never worked hard? I mean yeah they were cute as babies but that was over by Season 4 of Full House! I am not saying they didn’t have a few breaks, and yes maybe they were overexposed on Full House, but to suggest they didn’t work hard is unfair. Now one is retired and the other is working on directing, but why people hated them I will never understand.
Of course there are plenty more. Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Taylor Swift are all hated for silly reasons. And yes this can apply to men, just ask Jay Leno.

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