Last week I talked about those sitcom characters we are supposed to like, but I do not. And it got me thinking, what about the flipside? Are there any characters that I love that most people seem to hate? I talked about The Big Bang Theory the other day and that could easily be on here since as I noted as many people hate that show as love it. Leonard and Sheldon especially fit the bill as characters I love that many others seem to hate.
But here now are five more characters that get a lot of hate, but I love them. Before I begin let me explain, when I say that people hate them I am speaking in very general terms. I am certainly not suggesting there aren’t some people out there who like these characters.
#5.Jan Brady (The Brady Bunch)


Do I need to get into this again? Jan is one of the most interesting characters on that show, she has real problems that teenagers deal with even today, but because it’s The Brady Bunch her neuroses and problems get spun into a parody. And the parody is all people seem to remember when they think of her! Eve Plumb can be a bit irritated with fans and I don’t blame her, if I had fans coming up to me and telling me to recite a stupid line Jan only said once but was made famous on SNL I would be annoyed to. I already did a whole speel on this, so I will just leave it at that and move on to the next one.

#4.Newman (Seinfeld)


Is it weird that I really liked Newman? I enjoyed most of the episodes he was in and there were a few times when I actually liked the way he fit in with the group. I almost wish he had been made a fifth cast member, but then again it was probably good he didn’t appear more often. It probably would have been easy to get sick of the guy. Jerry needed a good nemesis and that is what Newman was. Why did they hate each other? It’s never really made clear but of all the characters who came and went on that show, he was the one who fit in the best. Wayne Knight did a fantastic job playing the character, making him vile in some episodes and then toning him down in others. That is what made him likable in the end.
#3.Fran Fine (The Nanny)


I love Fran Drescher and I loved her character on The Nanny. Can she be annoying? Oh yeah, that accent is pretty thick. But I don’t mind it. This show spent a lot of time trying to draw parallels between itself and I Love Lucy, and I can see that. Fran does always seem to get into strange situations. But you know she really cares for Maxwell and his kids and that is what makes it all work. I love how she teased C.C. and also enjoyed the friendship she had with Niles. Unlike many series were the butler thinks the lead is a wacko, Niles seemed to get Fran and really appreciate where she was coming from. I like that change of pace. Let’s be honest, without Fran there would have been no show. She added a special flare to it that made it watchable and kept it from being just another “guy hires a nanny” series”.
#2.Kimmy Gibbler (Full House)


I dare you to find a list of hated tv characters that does not have Kimmy on there somewhere. But you know what, I like her. Yeah when they tried to make her the Full House version of Steve Urkel that got annoying, but Kimmy is a fun character and I always enjoyed her on the show. What do I like about her? To put it simply, the show needed Kimmy as a balance. The Tanners were so perfect and sweet, you needed someone to come in and shake that up. That is what Kimmy did, and she did just enough to keep from being obnoxious. It’s a lot like Charlie on Empty Nest, you need that anithetsis to the perfect happy world in the show. And Andrea Barber knew how to play it so she was cute enough to get away with it. And there are plenty of episodes where the character lets her weird side down and shows there is a real person in there who can be kind and feel pain. I mean, why did the family all hate her so much? I NEVER UNDERSTOOD THAT! I once read a great article saying how The Tanners hated Kimmy because she was the opposite of them, and in fact Kimmy was the most normal character on the show. It is a fascinating article and I provide a link below, not saying everything he said is accurate but he makes a good point.

#1.Ross Geller (Friends)


Do I have to explain how much I loved this show again? For me, the characters all worked. I have seen them all pop up in people’s lists of hated characters, but probably the one who deserves special mention is Ross. Now fair is fair, and as I noted in my episode guide Ross as a character got kind of annoying those last few years. But I choose to ignore that, and focus on the other side of the character. He is a very sweet and caring guy who would do anything for his friends (or his family). Watch the first four seasons or so before the writers decided to make the guy into a punch line, and you see he is just a sweet guy who wants to be happy. Even in the later years when he got silly, there were still those moments when the good guy showed up. Take the episode where Joey reveals to Ross he has feelings for Rachel of all people. Ross is hurt but sucks it up and tells Joey that he does not hate him. More that that, he encourages Joey to talk to Rachel so that he can move one and finally get past her. And when they were a couple Ross handled it the best he could. He was smart enough to know that he had no reason to be jealous, but emotionally that was a different story. David Schwimmer played the character well, and gave him enough to heart that we forgave his less than perfect moments. If I were to complain about any one character it would be Monica believe it or not, but I have already gone over that.
There you go, five characters that seem hated by most people that I actually really like. Are there any characters you like that are hated by most?

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