Have you ever laughed so hard that you remember laughing, even years later? Humor is subjetive, what makes one laugh may not make another laugh. I have seen lots of sitcoms, and many didn’t really make me laugh. I mean really laugh, so hard that you never forget it. However, a few did and here are the top five scenes and/or episodes from classic sitcoms that made me laugh so hard that I still remember it, even thrity years later!

#5. Seinfeld “The Contest”

This episode wasn’t funny the first time I saw, the second time I found it extremely funny. Now there’s a very personal admission. But this episode set a standard, being able to discuss a touchy subject by never specifically using the specific word they are discussing. I have seen shows do this since and it usually works, but Seinfeld was the first. The other reason the show works is because it’s just quintessential Seinfeld. We see Jerry sitting watching TV in one scene. The scene has nothing really to do with the plot, any other show would probably delete it and lose nothing. But its here because Seinfeld captured everyday life so well. However, the best part of the episode is the opening scene which is so funny, and so genuine. Leave it to find Seinfeld to find a way to make talking about a sensitive subject into the funniest thing ever.

#4.The Cosby Show “The Pilot”

When I first saw The Cosby Show, I was just looking for something to watch one Thursday night. I liked Bill Cosby and the ad in TV Guide seemed nice. I had no idea I was about to watch the first episode of a truly landmark series. The whole episode was incredibly funny, but the landmark part wasn’t obvious until near the end. We get a great speech given by Theo about how his parents should just accept him as he is, someone will just be a regular person the rest of his life. A great speech, the studio audience applauded and in some other show the father would have hugged the son and end credits. Instead, Cliff  gets up and tells Theo that was the dumbest thing he’s ever heard in his life! And it makes sense, what parent is going to tell their kid that they will give up hoping and pushing them to work hard and achieve more? It was real, and that is what made The Cosby Show so different.


#3.Ellen “The Puppy Episode” ‘

I talked about this episode in a different article, but this very well written show was really funny. The way she came out in front of an entire airport terminal was great. But for me The best part came at the end. Earlier in the episode Ellen accused Susan (Laura Dern) of trying to recruit her. Susan sarcastically replied that she blew it and had to contact headquarters and tell them she lost her. And that she would not get that toaster oven now. Anyway, fast forward to the end to a clever tag scene where Susan brings Ellen to Mellisa Etheridge. She confirms Ellen is gay, approves the paperwork, and gives Susam that toaster oven. It was a great joke and a hilarious way to end such a fantastic episode.


#2.The Big Bang Theory “The Staircase Implementation”

I’ve talked before about how I caught the show one in a re-run and fell in love with it. This is the episode that did it. It was a flashback to how Sheldon first met Leonard, and actually was a great way to jump on board this series, already three seasons old. The best gag was at one point when Sheldon and Leonard are going through the roommate agreement. Sheldom makes Leonard check a box saying that if either develop time travel the first thing they will do is return to that exact meeting, in five seconds. The two then pause and look around. Just a funny moment in a great episode, after I saw it I wanted to see more and I have been hooked ever since.

#1.Taxi “Reverend Jim, a Spaced Odyssey”

The episode title may not mean anything, but there is a scene in this show that is simply one of the funniest damn things I have ever seen. Let me ask a question, what does a yellow light mean? Ok let me explain. In this episode Jim has to get a drivers license. So the gang bring him to the RMV, and Jim goes to take the written test. He tries to asks Bobby (Jeff Conaway) for help, asking the question I already did. Bobby says “slow down”. Jim proceeds to ask the question again slower! Christopher Lloyd and his amazing delivery made this scene great, and they went back and forth a few times. For those who have never seen it, here is a link to a YouTube clip:


Actually, Taxi had many laugh out lout moments. I could do a whole list of just that show. It was a very well written series and I couldn’t help but find it hilarious.

So let me throw it out there, are there any sitcom episodes that you laughed so hard at you still remember it to this day?

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