This is a much requested long overdue episode that has been stalled for long enough dagnammit!

Yes on this episode we are going a lil backwards to
discuss one of the industry’s most successful and beloved anime titles FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST

My man Habib returns once again to discuss the various elements surrounding this franchise such as

Alchemy vs Magic, Other Series that dabbled with Alchemy before & after FMA, 2003 vs Brotherhood, Why the earlier 2003 series DOES NOT TOTALLY SUCK, The FMA Manga and other off topic relatable’s such as the newly announced Fate SN reboot, S-CRY-ED, Soul Eater & Clannad


Also check out these hot links from affiliates mentioned on this episode

Nick Talapanasky’s

How FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Saved Anime (for Me)

The Unofficial Full Metal Podcast
(Same guys that do the One Piece Podcast)

The Full Metal Wikia 


Again, Big thanks to my man Habib for returning on this episode

And also a Big Thanks to EriksBlue for the cool title card! (Been a while 😮

Thanks for listening folks!

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