One of my very first blogs was an article about how I really loved Full House. If you go in expecting a sugary, child friendly show then you will be very satisfied. It’s a nice way to spend  a half hour with likeable characters and relatable stories.


However, that doesn’t mean I find the show perfect. I thought about doing a worst episode list, but decided that I would end up complaining about the same thing. For the record, my least favorite episode is Season 1’s “Sea Cruise” which is one the most boring half hours I have ever sat through. So instead I wanted to talk about the moments from the show that are just to silly or to ridiculous. They can’t be taken seriously, even for a silly show like Full House, or are so far fetched that they just piss me off even if the episode itself isn’t all bad.  Here are the five dumbest moments of :
Before I begin, I already covered the silliness of the Disney World episode with my friend Moviefan12 so I will not repeat that, especially since he did a better job than I could. Let’s call it a #6 spot just how ridiculous some of the things in that episode was.
#5. Michelle upset that she can’t have her way
I talked about this one before but it bears repeating. This is the “Michelle is a spoiled brat” episode. Well, maybe I should be more clear. Michelle was so cute in the early days, she put this show on the map. But as she aged the creators just didn’t know what to do with her. This episode has Joey wanting to watch the Super Bowl, but he has agreed to take Michelle’s science club out for the day. Now this is just a club, not a school sanctioned event (which I would be more sympathetic to). Long story short, Joey gets to watch the game and the other kids decide that no science is going to happen, so they happily decide to just enjoy the big game. EXCEPT MICHELLE! No, she’s upset her science club didn’t do what she wanted! The episode does try to send that message, that you can’t always get what you want. But it’s Full House so of course Joey back peddles and apologizes. I mean, he did try and what’s stopping them from doing something the next Sunday?  The forced lesson of the week not onky makes Michelle a brat, but spoils an otherwise silly and enjoyable episode.

#4.The family trapped in a subway en route to Jesse’s graduation
I hate to pick on Michelle again, but man does she piss me off in this episode! The plot is that Jesse is finally graduating from high school (long story). Not only is he graduating but he is giving a big speech. At the same time Michelle is on an environment kick and worried that all the cars going to the grad will be bad for the planet. Yeah, because two extra cars on the road is really going to make a difference. So she talks Danny into taking the subway there. Of course, the subway breaks down! I’m sorry but I just can’t get behind this premise, they were all taking their cars! Why did they listen to Michelle!? Now I wouldn’t expect Michelle to realize that this graduation is kind of important to Jesse, but why doesn’t Danny say that to her? Why does he let her get away with the stupid subway idea? This episode just pisses me off.
#3.Joey goes to a mother/daughter slumber party
This is from season 4. Yeah I am not sure what happened here, except that maybe they just didn’t know what to do with this story. Stephanie is upset that her Honey Bee group is having a mother daughter slumber party, because of course she has no mother. To be fair, they go right to the first obvious answer with Becky. But that would be a fast episode if they did that so she has car trouble and cancels. Now do they go to the next obvious option? No, it makes more sense for Joey to take her! Now I will concede, his heart is in the right place. But really, what did he think was going to happen besides not fitting in and embarrassing Stephanie to death? Not only is it not funny but it does nothing story wise, Stephanie runs home all upset and has a heat to heart with D.J.— the episode could hav skipped over all that Joey stuff and the story would have been the same. The obvious answer, and the one they do finally go with, is D.J. taking her as the older sister. I’m sorry but the antics of Joey trying to fit in at the slumber party were not funny and I felt as embarrassed as Stephanie did. I also would have rather seen some of D.J. and Stephanie at the slumber party, have the story be they get into an argument ot something. A little sister bonding would have worked better than Joey being a girl for a day.
#2.Kimmy and that idiotic Ostrich!!!
To be fair overall it is a very good episode. It’s “All Stood Up” from Season 8 and the main story about Stephanie being stood up by a boy and Danny’s reaction is really very good. Some of Bob Saget’s best work in the series. But my gripe is in that B (or is it c?) story with Kimmy Gibbler and Jesse. This was the point when she was officially becoming the Steve Urkel of the show, rather than just D.J.’s annoying friend. But where Urkel was unintentionally annoying, Gibbler was intentionally annoying! The idea is that Jesse has been told to get some rest by a doctor due to his high blood pressure, and he tries to do that in the backyard. But Kimmy is next door (did she always live next door?) with bagpipes. Yes, I said bagpipes! To compete, Jesse rigs up a huge sound system to drown Gibbler out with sound effects. How does Gibbler compete with that? She gets a large, very loud Ostrich! Not dumb enough yet? The very very fake looking Ostrich appears and takes a bite at Jesse, before it drags him over the fence and mauls him! This is so dumb! My big question is why didn’t Jesse explain to Kimmy why he needed to relax from the beginning? She would have understood. Better yet, why didn’t Jesse just find another place to relax beside the back yard? AND WHERE DID KIMMY GET AN OSTRICH??? ARRRRGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1. Jesse jumps out of a plane on his wedding day
To be fair, I can understand how hard a wedding episode probably is to write. wedding episodes have been done to death and to find a way to make it original and funny can’t be easy. But man did Full House suck when they tried it. Jesse and Rebecca are getting married, and after a talk with Rebecca’s father Jesse decides he has to get one last adventure out of his system. He jumps out of a plane, and gets stuck in a tree! Oh man, where do I begin?  1. Jesse takes advice from Rebecca’s father, who he does not get along with and who has made it clear he does not approve of Jesse? How about talking about it with someone else, I know Joey tries to stop him but it’s half hearted. By the way, if Joey has a pilot license and a teaching license why he is always out of work?  2. Jesse has accepted by now that his thrill seeker days are over. There was a whole epiosde with Scott Baio about just that, how he has settled down and doesn’t need to be “doctor dare” anymore.  3. HE GETS STUCK IN A TREE! How??? Now I am by no means an expert and maybe I am wrong but isn’t that something that can be avodied if one knows what they are doing? And if Jesse  didn’t know what he was doing, why try such a dangerous stunt ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! 4. Rebecca herself points out why this is so dumb. Jesse ends up in jail, and Rebecca goes to get him and tells him that the adventure is just starting, not ending. And she says “hey, if you want to jump out of a plane just let me know I’ll strap on a chute and be right there next to you”. Jesse has met Rebecca? The woman who rides horses, jumped off a waterfall in Hawaii, and even ridden on his motorcycle?
This episode is just lame, and I was very disappointed with it. Yeah the wedding stuff isn’t bad when you finally get to that, but even that gets ruined by Danny being more worried about the guests spilling food on his rug then giving a nice toast. Priorities! I did like the clips they showed and the song John Stamos sang at the actual ceremony which may have saved this show. Oh, and I mention the part where Jesse and Rebecca run into a choir who have nothing better to do then bus them to the church and then stick around to sing? I guess they were just riding around that day looking for something to do.
I could have added other things, like that idiotic story in one episode about Jesse wanting to got o Graceland at Christmas. Rebecca would rather go to Nebraska, Uh, did they forget they have family at home??  You may notice I have not discussed Season 1. That whole season was so corny and lame, finding one silly moment would be impossible. I really don’t know how the show made it past that goofiness, but it did and turned into a real decent show that I still enjoy watching to this day.

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