Remember the old days when TV reunions, whether they be drama or sitcoms, were standard practice? They could be corny and silly, but it was always nice to see our favorite casts together again. The Brady Bunch,Growing Pains, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazard just to name a few are all examples of series that did do reunion movies. Ok, not all were good (Project Alf? I Still Dream of Jeannie?) but even when they sucked they were still so much fun to watch.


Nowadays we don’t see too many of these reunions anymore. Oh sure they do cast reunions on talk shows or specials which are really clip shows, but what about an actual movie with a new story?  Not sure why these have faded, but if Seinfeldcould reunite on Curb Your Enthusiasm anything is possible. Right?  Probably not.


 Anyway, here are five reunion movies I would love to see-but probably never will.
Everybody Loves Raymond


This is a real morbid one, but I would have liked to see an episode dealing with Frank’s passing. As we know Peter Boyle passed away soon after the series ended, so the show never had to deal with it (except one episode which kind of discussed it). But it would have been fascinating to see how this was handled. How would Marie feel? How would Ray and Robert react? And what about Ally who always had a special relationship with her grandfather. This may be the one story this show did not tell, and most likely never will.

Punky Brewster


The basic premise of this show was that Punky was abandoned by her mother in a supermarket. She eventually runs into Henry who takes her in. Whatever happened to her mother? That’s what I always wanted to know! This was never resolved in the series, and I always wanted to see a reunion movie of some kind where Punky finally runs into her mother and we learn what happend all those years ago. I even had an actress in mind for the role, but I will keep that to myself for now.
Full House


There’s really no reason for this one, except that I would just love to see the cast together again. I figure they could do a movie about Michelle’s wedding, and that could reunite the cast. I know, it’s lame, but this is one of those shows were I really liked the characters, corny as they could be. I realize Bob Saget would probably never do a reunion, but how about just the girls? How hard could it be to come up with a scenario that reunites the sister’s without their parental role models?


Oh come on, you know as much as I loved the final episode of this show there was something missing. We never saw Ross & Rachel get married! I will be the first to admit that this isn’t necessary, but screw it I watched this relationship for ten years and would love to see a formal resolution of their getting back together. Matt LeBlanc once said he wouldn’t do a reunion because he doesn’t want to disappoint fans with a middle aged Joey. Yeah, I guess I could understand that. But I would still love to know what happened to those six after the end of that last episode.
Star Trek


I talked about this a long time ago, but I am going to bring it up again. Why is it some kind of taboo to do a Star Trek TV movie?? I mean,the shows established they could do powerful two part episodes that are movie quality. Why can’t they do this? One reason could be that the cast could be to oexpensive to afford. Ok, so don’t get them all! I would love to see a movie about Riker and Troi set on the Titan, for example.  Just give a good story and litter the movie with a few cameos, and voilà! There you go! How about a movie showing what happened after Spock vanished in the 2009 Star Trek movie? Or what led up to it (yes I know a comic book did this). There are lots of possibilities but for some reason no one seems to want to do it. No it has to be major motion picture or nothing else!
Honorable Mention :


Saturday Night Live


Not a movie but couldn’t resist. How many people would kill to see a reunion of the entire cast from the era they loved? For me, to see the entire 80’s cast all together would be awesome! They could bring out their old characters and everything. For others, The Original Not Ready for Prime Time Players would be a dream to see again! They have all appeared at different times, but never all together at once.I think that this idea is why I liked the movie Grown Up’s. It was like an SNL cast reunion for that era with Adam Sandler and everyone, and that is what I enjoyed about that movie (it sure wasn’t the story or lame jokes!)
Well, I can always dream can’t I?

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