Today I wanted to talk about things on the series that bug me. Either they’re episodes which while not bad have a plot so unfocused that I can’t help but complain about it or a character that is just confounding.It’s nitpicking time!
#5.”Sergeant Emma”


In this episode, Alice goes on vacation and asks her aunt to help out while she is gone. Ok, first of all…Why? Carol can’t take charge for a week? We have seen Alice have days off before and the family kept running. The story is that Emma used to be a drill seargent, and that’s how she treats the family! She wakes them up at 6 am to do exercises, has a chow line at dinner, among other things. Now to be fair, the script tries to make it clear why Mike and Carol do not say something. Simply, because she is Alice’s aunt. I NEVER BOUGHT THAT! It’s their house and they have more than the right to ask Emma to calm the heck down, it’s not Fort Dix! Then of course when the family is planning a welcome home party for Alice, Emma turns it into a going away party for her. Yeah, sure they will really miss her. The worst part is the end, we see Alice trying to do what Emma did, getting the family up for exercises, only this time the family blows her off. So we don’t want to upset Emma but we can do it to Alice? One thing I will credit this episode for is showing Anne B Davis is one heck of a talent, since she plays Emma and Alice and they are two VERY different people.

#4. Cindy.


Not an episode, I am talking about the character. Poor Susan Olsen, it can’t have been easy to play one of the dumbest charcters ever. I feel safe in saying that because she has said it herself. In one episode Carol brings up some lunch, peanute butter and jelly. Cindy proceeds to ask why she always gets those kind of sandwiches. Carol explains it’s because she loves them. To which Cindy says “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting!”. How do you forget your favorite food? Let’s see, there was having stage fright on national TV, just staring at the red light on the camera. Um Cindy, what were you practicing for during the whole episode? Whenever the creators wanted a plan to be spoiled they usually had Cindy be the big blabbermouth even if it was incredibly forced. She was a tattletale, and told people things any normal person, child or adult, should no not to repeat out of context. And of course the horrible Shirley Temple episode! Even if you don’t have any idea who Shirley Temple was it should be obvious when watching that episode that the character was to old to be singing “The Goodship Lillipop” . Cindy, why didn’t you listen to Marcia when she CLEARLY STATED IT WAS ALL A JOKE…OR ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST?? I mean, wouldn’t they TELL YOU if they were sending a talent scout over to see you perform? First class dumb!
#3.”Career Fever”
Lots of stupid in this one. The main story is that Mike mistakenly thinks that Greg wants to be an architect. Of course Greg is unable to tell his father the truth. So he decides to make horrible sketches so Mike will tell Greg that he has no talent. Uh, Greg, WHAT FATHER WOULD EVER SAY THAT TO THEIR KID ESPECIALLY IF THE KID IS EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING?? Of course Mike is not honest with Greg and tells him the sketches are fine. Uh, Mike good to be supportive but you need to be a little more honest than that. The dumbest part is the B Plot. Peter and Jan have been researching medical books because they decided to become a doctor and nurse. Peter reads about a horrible, fatal disease, and thinks he has it because he has one or two symptoms! Way to be a hypochondriac Peter, maybe next time check with a real doctor before working on that eulogy? This episode is not bad but it really relies on the characters acting like idiots.
#2.Was Greg Stoned??


First, this episode called “Law and Disorder” is about Bobby accepting a job as safety monitor. First, why do all the kids hate him? That seems unfair. But when Bob accepts the role he goes power crazy writing up the other kids in the family for a report for his parents. A report that as soon as he hands he will undoubtedly be reprimanded for. Really Bobby? And then he floods the laundry room trying to cover his tracks after ruining his dress clothes. Nice. But besides that, something about this episode never felt right to me, and then years later I found out I was more right than I thought. The start of the episode has Greg fixing a Bike when Mike pulls up with a boat on the car. If you watch this scene closely, you notice that Barry Williams seems kind of, off. Like he was stoned or something. Why? Because he was! Barry Williams has admitted that he wasn’t expecting to shoot that day and was puffing away when called into the set. And man, it shows! Don’t believe me then check the link below, and you bet he judge.



Ah, the story of Tiger. Let’s talk about this lovable canine. For some reason when the show was first created they thought that six kids and a maid just wasn’t enough wimzy. So they also threw in a cat and a dog. Fluffy quickly vanished but Tiger stayed around and was even the focus on a few episodes. But as the series went on Tiger started to appear less and less. Apparently the original Tiger met an unfortunate end, and the replacement wasn’t much of an actor. So the canine was gradually fazed out. The really strange part? Tiger disappeared but the doghouse remained for the rest of the series! Why? What good was it? Susan Olsen was once quoted as explaining that some of the astro turf under the dog house was burned so they just left it there. Ok, I guess that makes sense but what is the in series explanation? All the doghouse does is remind us that Tiger is gone, and wonder just what happened to him. It would have been nice if they had established that, but this was a simpler time and things like continuity was never given much thought. And there you have the story of the Brady dog. By the way, I never liked the dog he just felt like a distraction more than anything, and never miss him once he disapears from the series. Though to be fair, the episode where he runs away and the episode where Jan is allergic are two are my favorite episodes in Season 1.
For such a silly show, the Brady’s did have their fair share of odd things happen. Tomorrow I will take a look at some moments on the show which are just plain dark!

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