I grew up in the 80’s, and I loved my MTV! Remember when they played music videos on there? ALL DAY?? I would sit and watch. My  favorite VJ was Martha Quinn, whatever happened to her? Anyway, while I loved music videos I have to admit there were some which were freaky. Even scary, as young as I was back then. These are the videos I am talking about today. The ones that freaked me out and made me say “WTF???”
As you know I am not a major music fan, as you can tell since I have done three whole articles on music and only one was just about music that I like (this needs to be rectified!), so I may be missing more obvious ones. Also these are from when I was a kid and as I have discussed before, things that bug as a kid don’t bother us the same was when we are grown up.
#5.”You Might Think” by The Cars
This is an example of a cool WTF moment, because it never scared me but man was this video cool! The Cars may not have had to many great hits, but who doesn’t love this video with, at the time, state of the art special effects. It’s real hard to describe here but there are all kinds of weird images in this. It almost makes me forget that the video is about a guy stalking a girl.

#4.”Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
I love this song! It’s one song that I have to turn up if it comes on the radio. The video is…well, weird. It’s set at a school and when night falls, odd things happen. We get a campus transformed into a weird maze in odd lighting. there are mutant bird people, ninjas, and the worst were the flying choir boys WITH THE GLOWING EYES! WTF??? Oh man, the eyes! They will never go away! At least the song is really awesome even if the video is filled with some of the oddest and out of context visuals ever!
#3. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson
Remember, I was 9! Now that being said let me explain to you why this is on here. I loved Michael Jackson in the 80’s, who didn’t? I had his record (yes, record!), and I even wanted to dance like him. But the first time I watched Thriller, I wasn’t expecting a horror movie spoof! So when he turns into a warewolf, well, it kind of scared me. It was a true WTF? moment and when you think of it, it makes no sense at all! It isn’t part of the song, it’s just kind of…there.  I guess it was just something he wanted to and John Landis did a great job. I love that video, but the first time it kind of freaked me out.
#2. “Another Brick in The Wall” by Pink Floyd


Ok, let me make this clear. I am no Pink Floyd fan. There, I said it. I respect how popular and loved this is, but it’s not my thing. A part of me likes this song, but another part me does not (I know, I already offended the Pink Floyd fans out there  by calling it a “song”, but keep reading). I am refering to the “We Don’t Need No Education” portion. This song by itself actually bugs me, everytime it comes on my ipod I feel a need to turn it off. I can’t explain why. After several metaphoric and yet disturbing images the video shows a line up of kids walking in order–on a conveyor belt! Then they all fall, one after the other! Not strange enough? We see that the kids are falling into a meat grinder which then grounds them into hamburger (or whatever it is) WTF??? And the masks….THE MASKS! I obviously missed the point as a kid, but man did that freak me out! It is an incredible album and never did see the movie, but I think the disturbing images are why when the song comes on the radio, I turn it off!
#1 “Land of Confusion” by Genesis
Ok folks, let me talk about this video and what it did to me. For the article I decided to rewatch this video, and honest to god…it was hard to do! This think bothered the crap out of me! If you don’t know this song is comrpised of puppets instead of actors. What’s the matter with that? THE PUPPETS ARE THE FREAKIEST THINGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually it’s not just the puppets, but the visuals too! Things happening in the video which are, odd. Ronald Reagan drowinng in his bed? WTF?? As an adult it’s not bad and you gotta appreciate the metaphoical images. But as a kid…….wow! The song is awesome though and the message very strong. Yes, I know these puppets were from a British TV show called Spitting Image. I was a kid and it bugged me. Nuff said.
I am sure there are plenty more, and worst, music videos I could have put on here. Let me know if you feel like I overlooked one.

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