Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 8, Part 1
Season 8, Episode 1
The One After “I Do”
Plot Summary-At Monica and Chandler’s wedding reception, Chandler tries to dance,Joey tries to audition for a guest, Rachel reveals she is in fact pregnant


Funniest Line-“Oh honey, you could never embarrass me. Okay, you could easily embarrass me.”….Monica


Nitpick of the episode-Monica takes the whole Rachel is pregnant news at her wedding really well considering how upset she was that Rachel stole her thunder on her engagement night. It could be that she is mature enough to not let that ruin her big day, or it could just be lazy writing.


Standout Character-Rachel, I promise I will try not to make her the stand out in every episode but this was her season. And the scene in the bathroom with her and Phoebe and Monica is one ofthe best of the series!


Syndication Edit-The original tag and the opening was longer and included a scene with Monica’s parents thinking she is pregnant. Another extra scene where Chandler slips and falls on the dance-floor, grabbing his mother-in-law’s skirt, ripping it. Also you may wonder why Ben was not at his aunt’s wedding. Actually, he was but his lines were deleted from the broadcast version.


Final Thoughts-What a great episode this is! The way that Rachel’s pregnancy is handled is really good. You gotta love how the episode doesn’t reveal anything about who and when, that will come later. I was kind of surprised the whole episode was just the wedding reception. Chandler trying to dance was funny, Joey trying to impress the director is funny, and of course the main focus is Rachel. That scene with the three of them in the bathroom is just a great scene. I love the way Phoebe lies to make Rachel see how much she really wants it, and Rachel’s lines are just well done. Even the silly Ross story, having tod ance with all the kids, doesn’t come off all that badly. Just a very strong episode.


Grade=A-,so great to have the funny back

Season 8, Episode 2
The One with the Red Sweater
Plot Summary-Rachel decides to tell the father she is pregnant, Monica wants to open all the presents while Chandler and Ross try to find the missing wedding pictures.


Funniest Line-“Hey, my sweater! I’ve been looking for this for like a month!”….Ross


Nitpick of the episode-I did not like the joke about Monica being upset the mornin gafter her wedding because she will never be a bride again, hasn’t she gotten over that yet? And opening the presents without Chandler was just plain rotten!


Standout Character-Joey, for that sweet moment when he proposes to Phoebe so she won’t have to raise her child alone


Syndication Edit-The scenes with Chandler and Ross were longer


Final Thoughts-And the pregnancy arc continues. I am really impressed with the way they handle the story line too. Of course the whole thing with Tag was just filler but there was no way to know that until the end. Monica opening the presents was awful, but this is Monica we’re talking about. The stuff with Chandler and Ross was lame, but again it’s just to keep Ross out of the picture until that final reveal in the end. And that reveal is beautiful; Ross just takes the sweater and leaves. Nothing else is said, and nothing else has to be said. Except now we have even more questions! I think the reason we are so shocked that its Ross is because we never really believed they would do that with them. So any fan of the two, like I am, would be thrilled that they did in fact go that way!


Season 8, Episode 3
The One Where Rachel Tells…..
Plot Summary-Rachel decides to tell Ross she is pregnant, Chandler and Monica take off for their honeymoon, Joey and Phoebe try to get into Monica’s apartment


Funniest Line-“Whoa! Hey! Whoa! Hold up! Are you serious?! So like 3% of the time they don’t even work?! Huh? They should put that on the box!”…..Joey


Nitpick of the episode-I could note how stupid the Chandler/Monica story is, but this was changed after the events of 9/11 so I will let it go. If you see those scenes you can understand why they changed it. Actually the second version is much better anyway,


Standout Character-Ross; I noted last time that he has become a real annoying dufus.That gets much better this season and most notably this episode. He comes off a lot closer to the sweet, likable season one Ross. Sure he oses it when he finds out Rachel is pregnant, but I think we can give him that one.


Syndication Edit-Treeger checking for the gas leak


Final Thoughts-As I said I will give the Monica/Chandler story a break under the circumstances. I love the scene where Chandler finds out Rachel is pregnant,it’s funny he is the last to know. Cute moment indeed. Phoebe and Joey’s story is filler and is obviously a way to give them something to do. Ross and Rachel steal the show in this one. The scene where Rachel tells Ross is very well done, and the final scene in the hospital is funny and touching. Rachel not being able to “see” the baby is classic Rachel, and Ross is very sweet as hehelps her out. Now there is just one more thing we need to find out…..


Season 8, Episode 4
The One with the Videotape
Plot Summary-Ross reveals he has a video showing him and Rachel together, Chandler and Monica come back from their honeymoon.


Funnies tLine-“Ross, did I ever tell you about the time I went backpacking through Western Europe?”…..Rachel


Nitpick of the episode-Ok, I could argue that the fact the video was rolling is a bit forced…but honestly it all works for me


Standout Character-Ross & Rachel, what more can I say?


Syndication Edit-Ross trying to explain to Rachel why he taped the two of them


Final Thoughts-This may be a near perfect episode. I mean everything works and everything is funny. The reveal of exactly how and when Ross and Rachel hooked up is something we had been waiting to see, and the episode does not disappoint. Even the how and why Ross videotaped the one nighter doesn’t seem to terribly forced. I like how the invitations are brought up since that is something we never heard last year. Chandler and Monica’s story is, once again, filler but I always respect the show for not letting any one or two characters totally steal the show. And this could easily have been the Ross and Rachel episode. The way they got together even makes sense, calling back to the beginning of last season when the two were making out until they got caught. The best part is that gag with the Paris story, so brilliantly set up earlier in the episode with one of the best payoff’s in any episode at the end, made even better when they bring back Joey’s Ken Adams reference which seemed like a small throw awaygag earlier and turns into the funniest thing ever.


Season 8, Episode 5
The One with Rachel’s Date
Plot Summary-Rachel goes out on a date which Ross does not approve of, Phoebe dates a man who works for Monica, Chandler has been called by the wrong name by a guy at work


Funniest Line-“I  was thinking it would probably be ok because Ross hasn’t gone out with Rachel in five years!”…..Joey


Nitpick of the episode-The wrong name gag is awful. I mean, five years and this guy couldn’t figure out that he had the wrong name??


Standout Character- Monica, we see her at work running things and it is such a contrast to when she took the job in season 4 during her wimpy phase


Syndication Edit-Phoebe saying hi to Monica at work


Final Thoughts-Well it’s back to the status quo with this episode. The good news is that it’s still pretty good. Yeah Chandler’s story is dumb, I mean that guy he worked for must really be clueless! All they had to do to make it work was make the guy new. The whole thing with Rachel going on a date is to stir up the Ross & Rachel stuff, but in the end Ross runs into Mona and Rachel walks away. Awww.The Phoebe/Monica story is ok, something very amusing happens when those two start competing with each other. The problem is that the guy deserves to be fired/dumped so I really don’t feel bad for him at all. This season is so much better for many reasons, but one of them is they dumped the stunts and broad jokes from the previous year. We’re back to getting strong character moments again, like the scene at the end of this episode between Ross and Rachel.


Season 8, Episode 6
The One with the Halloween Party
Plot Summary-Monica and Chandler throw a Halloween party where Chandler wears an embarrassing costume, Phoebe discovers her sister is engaged, and Rachel tries handing out candy


Funniest Line-“No bunny at all! Always no bunny at all!”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-I noted this already but it bears repeating, why did the creators decide to turn Ursula into the evil twin?


Standout Character-Phoebe, her story is the only one that isn’t silly


Syndication Edit-Phoebe discussing her sister’s fiancée, the arm wrestling was longer
Final Thoughts-Halloween episode! It’s actually pretty good too. Phoebe meets her sister’s fiancée and is attracted to him. Sean Penn appears in a rare TV spot ,but he does a decent job. The gags with the costumes all work (though there isno way Catwoman would beat Supergirl in a fight!) and we even get some character development as we spend more time with Mona and watch Rachel interacting with the kids. I don’t like what they did with Ursula here, she was sweet on Mad About You but here she is evil, but this is also her final appearance so whatever. Anyway it’s just a silly episode but it’s decent and I watch it every Halloween.


Come back in a few days as we continue!

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