Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 5, Part 4
Season 5, Episode 19
The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt
Plot Summary-The gang gathers to see Joey’s new TV role. Rachel looks for Monica’s sunglasses, Ross tries flirting with the delivery girl, Chandler discovers Monica flirts with men


Funniest Line-“When you flirt with a guy, you think, “I’m just flirting, no bigdeal.” But the guy is thinking, “Finally! Somebody who wants to sleep with me.”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-As funny as it is, Ross has a pretty successful dating record so I get the feeling his trouble flirting was invented for this episode. At least it stayed afterward.


Standout Character-Ross, sometimes his goofiness works and others it doesn’t. Here it works.


Syndication Edit-Extra scene with Caitlin and Rachel talking outside.


Final Thought-I’m sorry but I love this episode! Yeah it’s a bottle show and all, butthe gags are so great. Ross’s attempt at flirting is just hilarious. Just laughout loud funny. It’s true the stories are kind of weak but how can you go wrong having the friends together in one room for an entire episode? My favorite moment is when Chandler asks Rachel if she minded Ross flirting with other women.She responds that it did bother her when he slept with other women. Great moment!


Grade=A-,Love this one

Season 5, Episode 20
The One with the Ride a Long
Plot Summary-The guys go for a ride along with Gary, Chandler is jealous when Joey appears to save Ross, Rachel overhears a call from Emily


Funniest Line-“Cut it out Ross. I’d hate to have to save your life and kick your ass on the same day”…..Joey


Nitpickof the episode-What was the point of having Emily call? We had gotten past that why go back? Maybe the creators realized that too because she is never heardfrom again. Why is Chandler such a wimp in this one?


Standout Character-Joey, we discover how deep his love sandwiches really is


SyndicationEdit-There is an extra scene at Ross’s apartment where Rachel is trying to recreate the message she deleted from Emily


Final Thoughts-This episode is not as strong as it could have been. First of all, whyis Phoebe hardly in it? Gary has more screen time! Second, what was the point of having Emily call anyway?The episode actually starts good but by the end it just kind of fades. Chandler does get in some good lines I admit. Monica and Rachel pretty much just standaround discussing all episode.


Grade=B-,wasted potential
Season 5, Episode 21
The One with the Ball
Plot Summary-Monica spoils a game of catch, Rachel buys a cat, and Phoebe is worried when Gary asks her to move in


Funniest Line-“I’m going to go set up a litter box for Mrs. Whiskerson… Well what am Igonna call her? Fluffy?!


Nitpick of the episode-Ok fair is fair, and the fact they kept that game of catch going so long is stretching it a tad


Standout Character-Phoebe, that interrogation scene is great


SyndicationEdit-Scene extenstions especially the end where see Rachel does get into the game


Final Thoughts-Another season 5 episode I just love. The characters were just clicking so well this year. Every series hits a high note and season 5 was Friends (hey, just had an idea for an article….). Yeah the ball story is pointless but what makes it work is the interactions, from Joey asking about Long Island being an island to Monica taking over the game to Chandler not being allowed to play. Rachel’s story is funny. The big story is Phoebe and Gary, and I’ll just say I am glad Gary is gone. The biggest laugh is at the end when Monica runs out of the apartment all fired up, causing the others to turn andeat there. Funny as hell ending,
Season 5, Episode 22
The One with Joey’s Big Break
Plot Summary-Joey gets a movie role in Vegas, Phoebe is mad at Ross for some reason, Rachel refuses to see an eye doctor


Funniest Line-“Well, I don’t know what made him so mad, you know. All I said was that I didn’t think this was going to be his big break, that this movie wasn’t going to do anything for him and that, you know, it didn’t sounded like a real movie.Okay, he should have pushed me off the bridge.”….. Chandler


Nitpickof the episode-Rachel has an eye phobia? Since when? SHE WORE GLASSES FOR AWHILE! Also since when is Joey into acting to get rich? He keeps saying how“he’ll be a millionaire” with this lead role. Where did that come from?


Standout Character-Rachel, she makes a silly store really funny


SyndicationEdit-The scene were Ross discovers Phoebe was mad about a dream is longer,Monica showing off at the eye doctor


Final Thoughts-Another strong episode.  Joey’sstory is obvious set up for the next episode, but that’s cool. The real fun comes from the other stories. Only Phoebe could get away with being mad at someone without knowing the reason. Rachel’s story is funny filler, but the tag where everyone tag teams her to get the drops in is one of the best moments ofthe whole season which says a lot.


Season 5, Episode 23 & 24
The One in Vegas
Plot Summary-Chandler & Monica’s anniversary celebration is ruined when Richard’s name pops up, Rachel and Ross try to embarrass each other, and Phoebe faces off with a lurker while Joey believes he has found his identical hand twin.


Funniest Line-“Y’know, if I won $5,000 I’d join a gym, y’know build up my upper body and hit Richard from behind with a stick!”….Chandler


Nitpickof the episode-That hand twin thing was AWFUL!!! And yeah, Monica should have been up front with Chandler about seeing Richard


Standout Character-All of them


Syndication Edit-More Ross and Rachel on the plane, More of Phoebe’s battle with the lurker


Final Thoughts-So after an amazing season how did I feel about the finale? Itwas….ok. It was about time Richard came up and it figures that would start a stupid argument between Chandler and Monica. I would be harder on the pop marriage thing except that I know they slow down in the next episode so I can let it go. Problem is that everything else in the episode is silly. Joey’s story is the worst; I don’t know what the writers were thinking! I could be here all day talking about how much I hated it. I realize they were just trying to give him something to do but….really?? Phoebe’s story is silly too but bearably so. For a little while then just becomes annoying the way the old lady won’t leave Phoebe alone. As for Ross & Rachel, I really don’t know what to say about that. It is fascinating how their fight or whatever gets more immature as it goes. I will say I never saw the end coming where they both emerge just married. That was a shocker, and a satisfying cliffhanger.


Grade=B+,aside from the hand twin crap decent end to an amazing season!
Will Season 6 be as good as Season 5? Come back next week and find out!

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