Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 5, Part 2
Season 5, Episode 8
The One with all the Thanksgivings
Plot Summary- The gang recounts horrible Thanksgivings including when Chandler met Monica


Funniest Line-“Well sorry doesn’t bring back the little piggy who cried all the way home!”…Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-Phoebe’s “story” is real far-fetched even for her


Standout Character-Monica, a little character development never hurt anyone


Syndication Edit-Another stupid edit! When Chandler discovers why he lost his toe he mentions being called sir limpsalot. That line is cut, BUT the response when Ross takes credit for the name remains and makes  no sense! Dumb!


Final Thoughts-This is a great episode, but I always had a couple problems with it. Why don’t all friends get equal story? Why establish when Chandler met Rachel when we already saw it? Did Monica really lose all that weight in under a year? Well while this episode raises some questions; taken as it is it’s still a strong one. I did like when we get the flashback of Chandler and Monica meeting we see Ross pining for Rachel. It was a nice reminder of Season 1 Ross. Of course the highlight is the end when Chandler finally tells Monica that he loves her.


Grade=B+,decent as far as Thanksgiving shows go

Season 5, Episode 9
The One with Ross’s Sandwich
Plot Summary-Someone steals Ross’s sandwich at work, Joey suffers while lying for Chandler and Monica, Phoebe and Rachel take a literature class


Funniest Line-“ Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, I bet all the sex makes it easier!”….Joey


Nitpickof the episode- It’s at this point we start to wonder why Monica and Chandler don’t just come clean with the others. And forcing Joey to suffer isn’t cool at all.


Standout Character- Joey, this is the season he started to shine and this episode is a fine example


Syndication Edit-The scene at the end was longer, the tag with more of Monica in the classroom


Final Thoughts-What happened to Ross this season? Did Emily just drive him insane?The freak out over the sandwich is funny but this rage Ross is getting annoying. Glad he’ll only be around for a little while more. As I already said it’s horrible the way Joey has to suffer. He sure gets some payback in the endthough in that great last scene. The Phoebe/Rachel story is only ok, even the Jane Eyre gag doesn’t have a satisfying payoff.


Season 5, Episode 10
The One with the Inappropriate Sister
Plot Summary-Rachel has second thoughts about Danny after seeing him interact with his sister, Chandler and Ross argue about Joey while Phoebe becomes a bell ringer


Funniest Line-“Okay, first of all, chasing the churro guy is not jogging.”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-The prank Joey plays on Chandler in the opening is funny but shouldn’t Chandler recognize Joey?


Standout Character-Phoebe, she is funny as the bell ringer defending her spot


Syndication Edit-More of Phoebe


Final Thoughts-I love episodes where nothing happens. And if I were Rachel I would have run too, that brother/sister stuff was creepy. Phoebe’s story was ok. It is great to see some vintage Chandler and Joey antics but as a whole the story is pointless. Why was Ross so hard on Joey who has never written before? I really don’t have much to say about this one which felt like a rushed show to get out before break. I do like how they keep the Monica/Chandler stuff alive even whenit has nothing to do with the episode. Here we see Chandler sneak out of Monica’s room.


Season 5, Episode 11
The One with all the Resolutions
Plot Summary-The gang makes resolutions for the New Year. Rachel promises not togossip until she learns a big secret. Ross decides to try something new everyday. Chandler promises not to make fun of his friends.  Joey wants to learn guitar.


Funniest Line-“What an interesting approach to guitar instruction. Y’know some might find it amusing, I myself find it regular.”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-Since when does Rachel gossip? And how did Monica and Chandler not hear Rachel pick up the phone or scream?


Standout Character-Chandler, how is it not telling jokes make him even more hilarious?


Syndication Edit-There are extra scenes when Monica’s original resolution was to be less obsessed with cleanliness but then Rachel dumps crumbs on the floor and where Monica checks Rachel’s diary because her new year resolution was to write inthe diary every day. It makes the picture thing less lame.


Final Thoughts-This is a hilarious episode! Ross is officially in dufus mode which we see with his struggle with the leather pants. It is a funny bit. It’s about time someone else found out about the secret and I like that its Rachel. Joeyand Phoebe’s stuff is just silly fun but what else would you expect from thesetwo? Chandler is just at his best when he can’t be funny! Basically this whole episode is just silly fun from the charming teaser to the final scene between Rachel and Joey and I enjoy it.
Season 5, Episode 12
The One with Chandler’s Work Laugh
Plot Summary-Monica meets Work Chandler, Rachel tries to get Monica to admit she isd ating Chandler, Ross dates Janice


Funniest Line-“ Okay you know what? Because you said that, I’m not putting out tonight!”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-Ok it’s just annoying now. Why doesn’t Monica tell Rachel especially after Rachel admits she knows? When Joey found out they were honest with him! Monica lying badly to Rachel’s face is just rude. They try to justify it but it still doesn’t work. And Monica telling Rachel she was calling Chandler Mr.Bigot was dumb!!! Rachel has known Chander long enough to not befooled by that! And what happened to the lie about her going out with someone at work?


Standout Character-Monica; you could argue she should know not to beat Chandler’s boss at Tennis, but this is Monica we’re taking about.


Syndication Edit-The tennis match was longer


Final Thoughts-It is always nice to see Janice but she seems kind of wasted here. It’s nice to see Ross realize how annoying he’s become, and the tag with him talking to Chandler was just hilarious! One of the best moments of the season and the only bright spot in the episode. Rachel’s attempt to get Monica to admit the secret is annoying; this has been played outalready! It’s nice to see Monica and Chandler act like a normal couple.Joey and Phoebe have so little to do they just waste time playing with the birds, lame!!


Grade=C+, enough dragiging out the Monica/Chandler stuff!
Season 1, Episode 13
The One with Joey’s Bag
Plot Summary- Joey thinks a bag will change his image, Phoebe runs into her father, Monica gives the worst massages


Funniest Line-“ Right. It’s her first day on a new spiritual plane and she’s gonna come to the coffee house.”….Phoebe


Nitpick of the episode-I have trouble believing Monica has so much trouble accepting she gives bad massages. Yeah she’s competitive but how does that apply here?


Standout Character-Joey, he’s just great in this one


Syndication Edit-Extra Chandler lines in the beginning, the tag with Phoebe talking to Ursula


Final Thoughts-What a disappointment! It is so clear they just wanted to just end the story of Phoebe finding her father. Not only is it dull but it goes nowhere and is NEVER brought up again! And the 3-D funeral gag was laammee. Thankfully we have the story of Joey and his bag which is hilarious. The scene where Chandler talks Monica into accepting she gives bad massages is great! You really haveto know someone well to get away with that.
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