Analytical Episode Guide
Season 3, Part 3

Season 3, Episode 14
The One with the Phoebe’s Ex-Partner

Plot Summary-Phoebe is reunited with her old singing partner, Chandler dates a woman with a prosthetic leg; Rachel’s new job continues to strain her relationship with Ross.

Funniest Line-“Oh, my God! Joey, what did you do after you threw her leg on the fire?”….Monica

Nitpick of the episode-This is where I start to lose my sympathy for Rachel. I realize the new job is exciting and of course she can be friends with Mark, but girl give your boyfriend a break! It gets much worst unfortunately.

Standout Character-Ross, I already explained why

Syndication Edit-Joey’s story was a bit longer and the follow up scene with Chandler

Final Thoughts-Phoebe’s story is interesting but it also felt like they wanted to get rid of smelly cat like it was some kind of story arc. And the end seems a little to mean that her friend would screw her over like that. I really don’t know what to think of the Chandler/Joey story. What Joey did was reprehensible, and how shallow is the girl that she runs from a third nipple? YOU HAVE NO LEG! I already talked about the Ross/Rachel story and as I said, it’s here I am moreon Ross’s side than Rachel’s.

Grade=B-,the ick factor is a little too high

Season 3, Episode 15
The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

Plot  Summary-Chandler and Joey talk to the Zerox girl, Phoebe asks Monica to date her boyfriend’s interpreter, Ross and Rachel have a blowout which ends with Ross in another woman’s arms.

Funniest Line-“Hey, this isn’t like swimming after you eat, pick up the phone!!”…Chandler

Nitpickof the episode- Well, here we go. This is a real tough one to analyze, but it’s not called an analytical episode guide for nothing. Basically, Ross and Rachel both are in the wrong. Yes Ross more so but hear me out.  I could understand her getting angry when Ross showed up at her work, but Rachel really should have cooled down before going home and talking to him. To be fair, she had been shutting him out and I could totally understand how aggravated he was. However, as for Ross, of course nothing can excuse what he ends up doing even if he was distraught. By the way,Rachel inviting Mark over was a HUGE mistake and not telling him to shut the hell up when she was on the phone even worst! That doesn’t excuse what Ross did……….

Standout Character-Ross, it’s like watching him save a sinking ship and you totallyfeel for him when Rachel throws that take brake line at him

Syndication Edit-A gag about olives, Joey and Chandler dancing

Final Thoughts-First things first, the Phoebe and Monica story is pure filler and not even worth mentioning, And I promise I will stop using the word “filler” so much. This story is all about Ross and Rachel, and all arguments aside this was a strong episode. Very well acted and the scene at the end where Ross kisses the Zerox girl is just well done, and even painful since you know he doesn’t really want to be there he is just suffering. That doesn’t excuse what he does,but more on that in the next episode.

Grade=B+,why did they have that lame Phoebe story aside from giving her something to do? Notice how fast it is forgotten in the next episode

Season 3, Episode 16
The One with the Morning After

Plot Summary-Ross and Rachel  talk about what Ross did while the others are locked in Monica’s bedroom.

Funniest Line-“ Well, before we answer that, I think we should address the more important question. How dumb are you?”….Chandler

Nitpick of the episode-Gunther is a jerk here. I guess he hates Ross more than he lovesRachel. The satisfaction he clearly shows from damning their relationship and causing her such pain just to get at Ross isn’t kind at all.

Standout Character-Ross & Rachel, who else?

Syndication Edit-scene extensions,

Final Thoughts-Man, how hard was this to write? This episode has to do three things.First, not damn Ross as a character. We have to believe he feels bad. Second, end the Ross & Rachel relationship convincingly. Third, give the other friends something to do and get some laughs somewhere. I am happy to say that all of these things happened and were done marvelously. Having the other friends locked in the other room was inspired, not only could they react towhat was going on but also give some comic relief here and there. And the breakup was emotional and sad, one of the saddest moments of the series.Beautifully acted episode, very well done.  The best thing is that there was no quick fix, the events in this episode resonated for the rest of the series’ most notablywith the great “we were on a break!” line

Grade=A,I hate to give an A to a sad episode but it deserves it

Season 3, Episode 17
The One without the Ski Trip

Plot Summary-Ross and Rachel pit friends against each other which escalate after Phoebe’s cab breaks down on the way to a ski trip.

Funniest Line-“ So, if you’re parents hadn’t got divorced, you’d be able to answer a question like a normal person?”….Monica

Nitpick of the episode-The cab running out of gas was lame, they couldn’t come up with something better? I mean before they stopped Monica mentioned they weren’t stopping until they needed gas, so does Phoebe’s gauge work or was she just guessing?

Standout Character-Rachel, because she is clearly the more mature one

Syndication Edit-The line I listed above which is great.

Final Thoughts-You had to wonder what the next episode was going to bring, and the answers is an episode that’s kind of dark. It’s not so much the way Ross and Rachel hate each other here, that’s understandable, but the way they try to pit their friends against each other. Just a well done episode and I love how Phoebe is the voice of reason. I also love the scene where Ross goes to Carol,once again you can see how great they are together. Having him ruin Carol and Susan’s anniversary dinner was unnecessary, couldn’t they have just said she was at work? I guess it makes for a good joke in kind of a serious episode. But in the end this episode shows just how strong friends these six really are. Asfor Chandler smoking,….on to the next episode.

Grade=B,decent follow up

Season 3, Episode 18
The One with the Hypnosis Tape

Plot Summary-Monica agrees to a date with a wealthy customer, Phoebe’s half-brother announces he is getting married to an older woman; Chandler uses a hypnosis tape to quit smoking

Funniest Line-”Well, I mean, are you sure you wanna go out with her? I mean, that ain’t a pretty picture in the morning. That wig all in disarray, and boobs flung over the nightstand.”….Rachel

Nitpick of the episode-Why doesn’t anyone question Chandler on his odd behavior? Even when Joey notices he never asks about it

Standout Character-Chandler, as silly as his story he is it makes for some funnymoments

Syndication Edit-It’s amazing how many episodes have the top of the teaser cut, including this one; a moment of Chandler throwing like a girl

Final Thoughts-I have been pretty easy on the season so far, this is where that changes a bit. There is just something off with these last few episodes, not sure what happened. This episode isn’t the worst of the lot, in fact it’s pretty good. We meet Pete Becker and start that odd arc. He just didn’t have great chemistry with Monica. Chandler thinks he’s awoman which makes for some funny moments. And Phoebe tries to talk her brother out of marrying a former teacher. That is kind of, inappropriate, but the episode handles it well. This episode isn’t all bad but I hate the Pete Beckerarc and it only gets worst.


Season 3, Episode 19
The One with the Tiny T Shirt

Plot Summary-Ross is enraged when Rachel goes out with Mark, Joey developes a crushon his costar of his new play, Monica is not attracted to Pete

Funniest Line-“You slept with somebody three hours after you thought you broke up. I mean, bullets have left guns slower.”…..Chandler

Nitpick of the episode-I did not think it was smart to have Mark admit he had feelingsfor Rachel. It reverses those earlier episodes because rather than being a jealous nutcase, Ross comes off as 100% right about Mark. I think It just takes some of the punch from those earlier shows. Also, watch the scene where Joey comes in for the first time for THE WORST DUBBING I HAVE SEEN IN ANYTHING!

Standout Character-Ross, his flip out after seeing Mark with Rachel was classic

Syndication Edit-Longer opening, a cut line reveals everyone has a key for emergencies

Final Thoughts-The Pete Becker story is in full swing and we get another story arc,with Joey and his play. It’s always nice to get character development but this story annoys me. I really can’t say why, I guess the idea that Joey likes Kate even though she doesn’t is clichéd and been done. The Ross and Rachel stuff is handled very well here, especially when Ross sees Mark and Rachel together. Chandler is great also in that scene, shouting some great lines while being anamazing friend. Unfortunately that scene is it, as he seens bored through the episode with hardly anything to do. And we have the lame story of Monica and Pete and I think I will stop there. Oh, that final scene with Rachel getting the T Shirt was sweet.

Grade=B- that “goldman” gag was really bad

Come back later this week as we conclude season 3 and discuss what made the end of this season so sub par

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