A new year is a great time to make new promises, and put themistakes of the past behind you to start with a clean slate. So, after readingMovieFan12’s great article on his goofiest mistakes, and of course the AT4W episodeon his 15 biggest screw-ups, I got to thinking. How many mistakes have I made?It turns out; quite a few and I wanted to share them with you today. After all,no one is perfect and making mistakes is how we learn.  Many of these are the result of comments afterthe blog was published.

So, here are my 12 biggest blunders from my first 200 blogs.

#12. It’s Clichés, not Cliché’s!

Ok so grammar is not my first love. I did an article onsitcom clichés, and accidentally spelled the word as cliche’s. Not sure why Imessed that up, sometimes spellcheck is your enemy more than a friend, but theapostrophe was a mistake and a reader was kind enough to message me and informme of the goof. Ah well, this is how we learn I guess. Besides, spelling errorsprobably don’t seem odd if you read my stuff.

#11.Sometimes a good idea….isn’t

I couldn’t let this go without mentioning my two biggestdisappointments. The Worst of Trek series which sucked because I created theseries without any real idea of what I was going to talk about. That caused meto basically paraphrase other opinions and there was nothing from me inthere.  And of course there was and myarticle on ER. That was a risk, and it fell. Not sure why, but I will stick totalking about comedies from now on. And there have been plenty of ideas which Istarted but rejected, including an article on Lois Lane which was so boring Itossed it half way through. An averted mistake was my attempt to claim“TheGreatest American Hero” had a horrible theme song, yeah I was trying to fillthe article and thankfully came up with something better. I love “Believe it orNot” it’s one of my favorite songs ever.

#10.Wrong Picture

This is a small one but still worth mentioning. In myarticle on toys I loved in the 80’s, I posted a pic of Transformers. The problemis that the photo was the generation 2 toys which were released for the movie,not the 80’s version I grew up. A small mistake but still a mistake. I justcouldn’t tell them apart, and should have left the photo off.

#9.Wings was a 90’s show!

Ok, here is a small on I imagine many missed. I did anarticle on underappreciated 80’s sitcoms, and the one show I really wanted totalk about was Wings. One small problem, that was on in the 90’s! I didremember and take the blog down, but not before someone was kind enough topoint it out in the comments so I decided that it was worth mentioning. So Ireplaced it and the next day created the article on underappreciated 90’s sitcoms.

#8. Designing Women theme over Golden Girls? Really?

In my attempt to do a sitcom face off with these shows, Itried to make it fair. But I hate Designing Women and everything was going theway of Golden Girls. So, I made a case that the theme song for Designing Womenwas better to give them a point, but that is not only crazy but not even myopinion. It was in the interest of fairness I guess but I should have beenhonest and just made it a Golden Girls sweep, or changed the direction of thearticle. “Thank You for Being a Friend” is a great song and a fantastic themefor that show and does not compare to Georgia on My Mind.

#7.It’s called a freakin Mogwai!

Another early lesson, take five second to do research. In myarticle on movies which scared me as a child, I included Gremlins. I talkedabout how the main character bought a Gizmo at the store, and then broke therules and so on. There is only one problem; Gizmo was the name of the specificcreature not the name of the species. Before they become Gremlins they areMogwai’s, and like a dope I wrote it wrong when it would have taken me fiveseconds to get it right. Oops. I hoped no one would notice, they did. When Ireposted it here, I corrected the goof.

#6.Leaving out half a paragraph!

Yeah another blunder I am not proud of. In my article on thebest and worst sitcom spin-off’s I was talking about the best. Naturally, thatwould include Frasier since it was as good as Cheers and so on and so on. Onlyone problem, in my excitement to get the blog out I did not proofread, and theblog was submitted without HALF THE PARAGRAPH! Even worst, the section stops mid-sentenceas I was about to make a point. That is unacceptable! I have no idea how I didthat, but I did go back and fix it when posting it here.  It’s still wrong on TGWTG to this day. Thefunniest part was that even with the gaff, this article began a very largediscussion and I think had the most comments ever.

#5.It’s a Wonderful Life was A BAD CHRISTMAS MOVIE???

This was an early blunder and one of the few times I everdeleted a blog and reposted it. The blog was about Christmas music which comesfrom bad Christmas movies, or movies that don’t really have anything to do withChristmas save for one scene. I got carried away, and tried to shoe horn AuldLang Syne from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I mean, c’mon! This is aChristmas classic and even I watch it every year! Plus, I don’t thing Auld LangSyne is considered a popular song, at least not enough to be on that list.Sometimes you get carried away and go too far, and that is what happened here. Theworst part is I really liked the way that article came out, and my exuberancehurt the final product.

#4. But Lando was a great character!

Yeah, I really wanted to do a Star Trek article in my “FiveThings I Hate About” format but had to stretch to make it work. So I made funof stuff like the Cantina scene in the original classic and Lando’s character,but really I was reaching. Some of the stuff I said was true, but I should havejust taken a different approach since either I was exaggerating or just talkingabout stuff that had already been discussed in length. In fact of the 5 pointsonly 2 I really “hated”.  I tried to makea case that Lando was a horrible character, but c’mon! Billy Dee Williams did agreat job and I liked the character as much as anyone else.  It was kind of me “Worst of Trek” series allover, if you can’t find something original to say than the article may need tobe rethought especially if its about something like Star Wars which has serious fans who will call foul veryquickly.

#3.Um, the winner is????

When I did my sitcom face off on Night Court vs Scrubs, Iposted it on TGWTG as always. On there I put pics but sometimes I do not dothat here because I may not have time and the pictures are not alwaysnecessary. So I have to write in the things that I use pictures for. In thisinstance, I forgot to do that for the winner so when everyone got to the bottomof the article there was no winner! To make matters worse, I was out that dayand by the time I got back to the computer several people had read the article,and wondered who won! My fault, and not only will I be more careful but I havestarted putting pictures on my stuff here more and more. For the record, Scrubsone.

#2.How did I forget Les Nessman?

This was a different kind of mistake. I did an article onhow sitcom actors will get injured or sick, or even worst, but the show stillhas to go on. I cited some examples of how an actor’s injury will often be incorporatedinto a show, like when Matt LeBlanc hurt his arm on Friends, but forgot one of themost famous stories. When WKRP in Cincinnati was just starting out, RichardSanders, who played Les Nessman, was hit with a light and suffered a gash tohis head. All they could was cover it up, so they put a band aid on it and filmedthe episode. The band-aid would become a trademark of the character after that,he would have one on somewhere in every episode. I still don’t know how Imissed that one, but there you go! I also neglected to mention that HarryAnderson had to wear a cast for a couple episode of Night Court, but that ismore forgivable.


Ok, here is where I have to come clean. When I saw TheMuppets I didn’t love it, but thought it was good. Yeah there were stuff thatbothered me but overall I did like the film. So I posted an article on mythoughts, and well let’s say I got to negative. It resulted in one of my mostscathing responses, and to be honest it was deserved. I got carried away,hating on the opening to hard, insinuating that The Muppets were hardly in themovie (what a stupid statement to make) and making fun of things like the overthe top villain and the 4th wall jokes which are a standard Muppet practice. Istand by my opinion, I hated that love story sorry but I did, but do wish I hadreconsidered my words better and not been quite so angry. If I had just talkedabout the good things and not the bad, I think the article would have come outbetter and had a better reaction.  Thiswas the first movie I had discussed which I saw in theatres, and got a littlecarried away being a critic. If you want to be a critic you can’t just whineand nitpick, you need to honestly analyze and interpret. The truth was that itwas a sweet story with strong characters, and overall was an enjoyable film. Ijust got the DVD for Christmas, hoping to watch it soon. I think I was justtrying to strike a nerve, and boy did I succeed! Lesson learned. The movie isgood. So there, am I forgiven?

I figured there had to be a mistake in my Seinfeld episodeguide, but don’t remember any. I guess it’s because of how careful I was increating those. There were others I could mention, but I think those are good.If you remember something I may have missed, please feel free to comment. Theseblogs are a process and you have to make mistakes in order to learn. I hope youenjoyed this, and have  happy and healthyNew Year!

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