A week or so ago I did an article complaining about the awful ABC Family movies we are stuck with every year. The one movie I didn’t cover was the new one which premiered this past Sunday. The Miste-Tones stars Tori Spelling and Tia Mowry. I did get to watch it the other day, though I admit I didn’t get to watch it as closely as I would have liked, and wanted to share some quick thoughts.
-First, the music was pretty good. I admit it, i might even buy the soundtrack
-Tori Spelling is a horrible actress. I know, shocker! But she played the bitchy Snow Belle to cartoonishjly, and there were times when she wasn’t even sure if she was supposed to be nice or not
-All of these ABC Family movies have the same message. If you’re succesful and have a good job then you’re a loser who is not enjoying life. And yep, it’s here too as the main male lead works for a company and has a good job. But darn it, all he really wants to do is sing! Screw the paycheck. Of course he is also single, gee wonder if he will hook up with the main character?
-Yep the two leads fall in love, another shocker!
-The up and comming group does not win, which is nice. The group everyone expected tp win did and our hero has to learn that singing in a competiion is not what her mother (who is dead, another shocker) loved. She jiust loved to sing and just singing is enough, not winning some silly competition. Yeah, I like that.
-Typical antagonist. She is threatened by the new group even though she doesn’t need to be. Although in the end there is never a moment where she really gets her cummepance, and that is nice.
Bottom line, this was not the worst ABC Family film ever. Or this year, see Home Alone 5. But for all the good in it we still have the usual cliche’s ABC Family trots out in all their movies.

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