#160;It’s been a while since we did a review episode hasn’t it. So we thought we’d catch up on some long overdue review-to do’s as we come to the final month of 2012

So on this episode we got myself, Old Boy, Angel & Nuansay giving our humble opinions on the titles listed below…..which should all be checked out btw

As usual we do veer off topic slightly here and there and mention more details about the now CLOSED DDPC 2012 Competition……..a big shoot-out to everybody who participated btw.

but yeah that’s pretty much it for this one

So enjoy and be merry!


Kaiji - (00:09:05 – 00:46:29)

Baka to Test (00:47:05 – 01:15:30)

Hetalia Axis Powers Seasons 1 & 2 Mini-Review (01:15:32 – 01:32:22)

Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette *WMTP* (01:32:23 – 02:24:06)


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