The best film of 1995 chronicles the life of William Wallace, a Scottish who fought against the English rule in the early 14th century. The movie is infamous of its historical inaccuracies but are they enough to gripple this tale of a badass warrior?

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BigBlackHatMan: I liked this movie when I saw it as a teenager, but it was because I focused on the battles. As an adult, I do see it is heavily flawed. I honestly liked Apollo 13 the most out of the list of potentials that year. It actually got its history right and built suspense in spite of knowing the outcome. Good work
Les: Hi HedonisticActor. Nice job on the review. Your technical skills are improving. Sound is now balanced with your clips-great job. Out of the nominations, I’d have gone with Apollo 13 too, as I remember that event in American History and that story was riveting, my friend. I look forward to your next review. Peace.

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