and welcome to DREAMcast’s first Halloween instalment of The NIGHTMARECAST

Yes that’s right folks on this episode your host’s Donwun & The Old Boy wrestle with the interesting topic of your not so friendly protagonist THE ANTIHERO!

Now at first this might not seem like a particularly ghoulish topic for a Halloween podcast but when you come to think about it these so called dark hero’s have raised the bar in what people in general are used to seeing in terms of violence and horror. So to drive that point on in our conversation for once we here @ DC broaden our discussion into the wide world of Television and Film bringing up some the more recently enjoyed Antihero brands.

Things like Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Punisher, The BATMAN, movies where people are enjoying chaos, murder and horror: SAW, Piranna 3D, Nightmare on Elm Street…ya know the commonly know stuff

This leads me to ask the question what actually scares us nowadays in media… where we have a startling revelation about Katface(well, startling to me anyway)

Then once we get all that outta the way we get back to the Anime & Manga stuff in true Halloween fashion, which leads us onto what should be the epitamy of terror….DEMONS

DEVILMAN – a title me and katface have been looking forward to discussing on the podcast for a while now

We also discuss Demons in general and how in anime and manga they are pretty much seen as any other normal character…with no real emphasis on terror, hell or anything else you would think a demon would be about….more of a means to an end in terms of power and other exploitable traits….bah

Then we end with some nice Halloween recommendations

From Myself (Donwun) – Higurashi, Perfect Blue & Boogiepop Phantom

The Old Boy - Portus, I Am A Hero, Ibitsu & The Works of Junji Ito

and finally from our uninvited guest – Garden of Sinners Paradox Spiral & Noein

Oh did I not mention we are joined on this episode by an uninvited guest that has escaped from prison…..AGAIN!


And lastly here’s some are EXTRA LINKSrelated to some of the topics discussed on this episode


The Rise of the Antihero


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