It’s time to look at my past again with the second issue of the superhero comic I made in my teenage years, all the way from October 2004. In the previous issue the bum named Stanley challenged the super being The Storm and destroyed him but was carried to a strange woman’s apartment by the tidal wave caused by The Storm’s explosion. What sort of new friends and foes Stanley is going to face and are they even interesting personalities?

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BigBlackHatMan: I liked Ripper. That was a neat villain idea as I don’t recall anything exactly like that in comics. It seems solid for a kid. Good video
HedonisticActor: Oh, you’re too kind. Or maybe I’m too harsh on my own work. But nice to see that at least one character has potential to become a fan favorite. Next time Ripper will be seen in issue #6 where will be also introduced the rest of the crime gang he belongs to.

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