Continuing from our last podcast this is the Legend of Korra episode and as stated last time we will start things off with the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen’s discussion on Korra followed by our own.

Now to be honest with ya folks, our review on Korra is not the most positive one you’ll find out there….and it’s quite a LONG run-through. It surprised both myself and Nuansay that a show of only 12 episodes had so much elements to cipher through…..and OH BOY do we take it there.

Don’t worry LOK fanboy’s I already foresee the flame emails and comments which I welcome….well…to an extent

But just remember folks we can’t all be of the same mind….some people are gonna love stuff and some people are gonna be a bit more critical

And even though overall myself and Nuansay were extremely disappointed with LOK this podcast is not a flaming session and we do have quite a few positive things to say about the show….including some interesting production facts which may have been the source of our overall disappointment

I’ll add time codes for this episode…i’ll bet some people will want them

LEOG’s Discussion on Korra: 00:01:07 – 00:21:07

Don & Nuansay’s LOK Review / Long Breakdown: 00:21:07 – 02:04:19

Final Thoughts on LOK & Production Issues: 02:04:20 – 02:26:44

Overall, I think Uberhikari did a much better job of pointing out alot of the things we felt where done badly in LOK……but now thats all over with me thinks that’s enough Amerime for two shows…let’s get back to the buziness of Anime stuffs

PeaceOut (hateonus-lol)

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