WAZZZZUUUUPPP Ladies and gents we are back with a episode me and Nuansay have been looking forward to recording for some time now.

On this episode we are going to be reviewing and discussing the extremely popular and succ
essful Avatar cartoon which is now more commonly being dubbed as Amerime (Anime inspired Cartoon).

Starting off with Avatar: The Last Airbender

Then, since it’s relevant we also give our thoughts on the (EPIC FAIL) Last Airbender live action movie.

Then lastly I go on a bit of a ramble about the growing relationship and inspiration between Japanese and American animation…in regards to animation outsourcing, collaborative projects and how I feel the irrelevance of animation borders needs to be promoted

Yeah it’s quite a preachy ramble I admit but hey, maybe you might agree with me in some small way…or maybe not…who knows

And lastly…..sorry folks but due to the length of our Legend of Korra discussion we have decided to make it a separate podcast that will follow shortly……..to be fair I think our thoughts on TLA should have some time to sizzle on the interwebs before we get into Korra anyhow


Extra Nugget 01 - Random TLA Movie review thats spot on

Extra Nugget 02 - Funny M. Night Shyamalan skit

Extra Nugget 03*** - Suede’s Top 11 Amerime


That’s all for now folks…………..PEACEOUT

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