TV shows love dogs. Why not? They are man’s best friend for a reason. They are a true companions in times of need, and also good for a few good laughs. A lot of shows have dogs come and go, the classic example being The Brady Bunch. Whatever happened to Tiger anyway? That is a story for another day. However, Tiger is not unique. Who’s The Boss?, Everybody Loves Raymond, and The King of Queens also acquired, and mysteriously lost, dogs.


Some shows however get it right. The dogs are part of the show from beginning to end, and become as important a part of the cast as any other character. Here are my top 5.


#5.Dreyfuss (Empty Nest)


I know this is one is a little obscure. Empty Nest isn’t the most well known show. However, this dog was really funny. He was always good for a laugh, whether it be his eyes or the way he knew how to lock himself in the cabinet when things got tough. Dreyfuss was a St.Bernard who was a great companion and a true member of the family.This dog was so cool he even did crossovers, appearing in many episodes of The Golden Girls.


#4. Brandon (Punky Brewster)


Punky just wouldn’t have been Punky without her loyal sidekick. Brandon started out as a little puppy but quickly grew. He was also very loyal, even pushing Punky out of the way of an oncoming car in one episode. Another cute episode had a dream sequence where Punky and Brandon switched places, and we got to see the world from a dog’s point of view. Cute episode, great dog!


#3. Murray (Mad About You)


Some may question why he is on here. After all, Murray wasn’t the smartest dog in the bunch. He could also be kind of lazy. However, he was also a loyal dog. It was also because of Murray that Paul and Jamie met in the first place, since Paul was walking him at the time. Murray was always good for a laugh and we always knew he had a good heart. He got to the be the focus of an episode where he found a career in commercials only to turn his back it when he realized he cared more for Paul and Jamie. Now that is a good dog!


#2. Eddie (Frasier)


This dog sure had his own personality. He was always trying to steal the spotlight. One of his favorite gags was to stare at Frasier, without pause or break, for hours on end. He was a cute Terrier who was also very loyal. He was Martin’s best friend and even Frasier grew fond of him (even if he wouldn’t admit it). Eddie was never afraid to express what he was feeling, whether he was running away from Lilith or digging his head in the sofa when Martin started singing. How one little dog could have so much personality is beyond me.


#1. Lassie


I mean, who else? All these other dogs were amazing, but how many could be the star of their own show? Lassie set the standard that all of these dogs try to meet. How amazing was this dog? I have never seen one episode of this show in my life, and yet I know all about him (her?). Lassie has actually been played by many dogs over the years, which makes sense considering how many series and movies this canine has brought forth. It was the classic TV show that is most remembered. It was on for years! How many dogs can alert people to danger clearly and consistently? The much made fun of, “What Lassie? Timothy fell down a well?” Lassie was a beautiful collie and the first dog to truly make an impact on TV. Lassie!!!!


Honorable mentions include Comet on Full House, Buck on Married With Children, and Brian Griffin from Family Guy. Did I forget any?

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