I had this idea and just had to do this. Star Trek has produced hour and hours of great television with some fantastic characters. However, not all the characters were fantastic. Some were just annoying. Here is my list of the top 5 most annoying characters ever. Now, for this list I am trying to focus on the main casts of these shows. If a character is annoying for one episode and then gone, I can deal with that. It’s those characters that are there week after week that really bug people. Also, I am not counting circumstances where characters are out of character, for example when Captain Kirk was taken over by Janice Lester, or when Data got his emotion chip in “Generations.”


#5. Julian Bashir from “Deep Space Nine”.


I always remember when I first watched this show; the cast was pretty well put together. Then they introduced us to the doctor, who just so annoying. He comes off as a cocky, immature child who also thinks he knows everything about medicine. He was just overbearing. The first couple of seasons it was clear he was supposed to be some sort of comic relief, but that didn’t last thankfully. Toward the end his character became much more dark and serious, and was still annoying because he would never really do anything. The worst thing about Julian was his puppy love lust for Jadzia Dax. It was as if they were trying to a Niles & Daphne (from Frasier) sort of thing, but it just didn’t work and got really tiring week after week. Then when Ezri Dax came along, they actually start a relationship even though as Jadzia it was made clear she had no feeling for him, beside friendship.

#4. Hoshi Sato from “Enterprise”.


This was a real tough choice, because I hated Malcolm and Dr.Phlox on this show too. I think one of the huge failing of this series was the horrible casting. However, I chose Hoshi for one reason. While Malcolm and Phlox could be annoying, at least they were portrayed as competent professionals. They knew their job and performed to the best of their ability. Hoshi was apparently meant to be the crybaby. All she ever did was act like a huge baby and question why Archer even selected her for the assignment. I understand they needed a language expert, but couldn’t they have found someone who was trained for space rather than a whiny pain who had no confidence in herself or her abilities? Week after week we had to listen to her complain about her lack of self esteem, and it got old. One of the very first episode the crew uncover a mysterious craft, and when they discover some dead bodies she screams like a little girl. Real professional. The only episode she was good on was the mirror universe one; she was in this episode what she should have been all along. Strong-willed and able to take care of herself.
#3.Doctor Pulaski from “Next Generation”.


Brought in during the 2nd season, Dr.Pulaski replaced Dr.Crusher after Gates McFadden wanted out. I guess it seemed like a good idea on paper, bring in a doctor who is cranky like Dr.McCoy was in the original series. The only problem was that McCoy could be lovable when he wanted to be, and this witch was always tough as nails. The biggest mistake they made with this character was the decision that she would “but heads” with Data the same way Spock and McCoy did. However, whereas with Spock and McCoy you could tell deep down there was true friendship, Pulaski’s comments toward Data just come off as insulting and even demeaning. The creators must have realized that too because that trait faded as the season went on, but she was still cranky and overbearing. I used to hate the way she would talk over Picard and not even let him finish, I felt like yelling “Hey, that’s your commanding officer bitch!” Anyway, she disappeared after the 2nd season. Thank heaven Dr.Crusher returned the next year, and we never saw Pulaski again.

#2.Neelix from “Voyager”.


Here we have a character that was intended to be annoying. At least, I hope he was. Neelix was a Talaxian and was a very friendly, outgoing person. Unfortunately that outgoingness got a little annoying at times. How often did we see him try to irritate Tuvok, for no reason other than to get a rise out of him? I never liked it when he did that, Tuvok accepted that Neelix was a pain why couldn’t Neelix accept Tuvok for who he was? In one episode Tuvok loses all logic and is as emotional as anyone, and Neelix likes him more. Thankfully he put his selfish needs aside and encouraged Tuvok to undergo a procedure which restored his logic. At least he had that. Neelix is that pest who bothers you no matter how bad a mood you are in and no matter how many times you tell him to go away. When he is serious, he goes over the top. In one episode he is seen yelling at Captain Janeway when they are in disagreement. He is also jealous, when he was with Kess at the start of the series all another person had to do was look at her, and he would be enraged. By the way, I could do a whole list on the Voyager crew since the doctor and Harry Kim were annoying also. However, Neelix wins the award for just being a flat out pest.
#1.Wesley Crusher from “Next Generation”.


Yeah, this was a no brainer. Gene Roddenberry himself created this character, one of the most annoying characters ever. He was a boy genius but acted like an annoying know it all. He had the arrogant smile, and could never shut the hell up. It was a tough call between him and Neelix, but Wesley gets the 1 spot for one reason. While Neelix was annoying, nothing he did took away from the regular cast. He would come in, have a few lines, and vanish. Wesley wasn’t so lucky; things he did made the regular cast look like idiots. Take “The Battle”, where the Ferengi use a mind control device on Picard, its Wesley who comes across the signal from the device. How about “Ménage a Troi,” only Wesley could interpret Riker’s hidden message. Of course there’s “The Game”. Thank heaven Wesley was on vacation that week, or the whole crew would have been taken over. Seriously, 1000 people and only Wesley notices something odd? I could go on and one. There was the episode “Datalore” where he realized that Data had been replaced by his brother, but rather than act like an intelligent person he comes off like a whiny crybaby. This episode had the “Shut up Wesley!” line that is so famous. In later years the character stopped being obnoxious, the creators made him more human and less aggravating. Still, it’s hard not to watch an episode from the first three seasons with him in it and not get that queasiness.


You may notice this list does not have any classic Trek. The only cast member that might count would be Chekov, and that is stretching it because he was only annoying when he was being controlled or in some other way not himself. I did consider adding Finnegan from the episode “Shore Leave”, but as I said I wanted to focus on main cast members. I would have also included the Pakled’s on Next Generation and the Ferengi from DS9 if I wanted to open it up to annoying one time characters.

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