In Tales from the North I review films from my home country Finland with the first episode being about Finland’s first submission to compete from the Best Foreing Language Film Oscar which tells about a young woman from Lapland discovering her sexuality and living in harsh environment. This video contains unsensored nudity, animal killing, foul language and other contoversial stuff so more sensitive viewers are adviced to be on guard.

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BigBlackHatMan: The movie looks like it was an attempt to just be a character study, but so lacked in structure that it was hard to get heavily invested with the characters. Good work
Les: Hi HedonisticActor. Well….THAT certainly was a cheerful film, huh? The cinematography was really good(at least in the scenes shown) you really get the idea that it’s miserably cold and harsh in this village that leads such a hard existence. I could almost see Topol in his Tevye costume pushing a milk cart through it while having a conversation with God, but I digress……I liked the handheld shots of you reviewing this while walking through the woods, and your commentary was great, my friend. I look forward to your next one. Peace.

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