It’s time for the best film of 1976, the multiple sequel spawning story about the titular boxer following his dreams. In the mean time the reviewer tries to follow his dreams as well.

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BigBlackHatMan: I really like Rocky as it is a movie that makes a person feel good for the main character and I would guess that pushed it past Network more than anything. People felt better about it, especially at that pessimistic time in history. Good review
Les: Hi HedonisticActor. BRAVO! Your review was a lot of fun to watch as you did physical fitness training(In your signature cape and tie, no less)while going through the film. I’m one of the only members of your audience old enough to have seen this film when it was released in the theater, and IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!….the transfer to video doesn’t lose much, either. ROCKY is a marvelous character built film with great moments-most of which became iconic(jogging up the stairs to do victory steps, for instance…or the egg drinking ritual before jogging….or the beef punching….or the screaming for Adrian at the end of the fight…..etc…). For me, what made ROCKY so amazing were the characters of Mickey(Burgess Meredith), Apollo(Carl Weathers), Adrian(Talia Shire) and, of course, Rocky(Sylvester Stallone)…Pauly(Burt Young) wasn’t bad….just really annoying, but it does move the story along, so yeah, he’s good too, I suppose LOL! The music was phenomenal(Believe me, Gonna Fly Now was on the top 40 for the rest of the year). Great job, as always, my friend. Peace.

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