In the best film of 1996 we follow two love stories one by a Hungarian count and an English map maker at the beginning of World War II and one by a French nurse and an Indian mine defuser near the end of it. Well the former love story isn’t excactly a healthy one.

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Les: Hi HedonisticActor. FINALLY! Someone else who realizes just how misrepresented this film is! Love story?….I think not…..Oscar-Worthy?….Not even slightly! I couldn’t invest any care for the film’s main protagonists(And I completely agree with you that the modern “couple” in the film were far more interesting-not to mention-healthier, but I digress….) I mean, REALLY? we’re supposed to believe in a couple who partake in an improbable, immoral lust affair….ah….it must be love…………um….sorry, no. I don’t want to see those two together…..ever. And the telling of this tale is so damn BORING!….explosions, war, torture……and it’s BORING! How in the HELL do you screw up a set up like that?…… This was the year I stopped watching the oscars. Great review, my friend. Peace. P.S. Fargo is also misrepresented…’s not a dark comedy….it’s a dark drama-just so you know.
BigBlackHatMan: I tried to watch this movie once, and only made it about twenty minutes in before falling asleep. Good video

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