Jim Bevan

Mentalism Performance – 11/12/21

November 14, 2021 in Blogs


I do my take on an old-fashioned blindfold routine. This is one where I wanted to go more for laughs than wows, and I think it definitely worked. Though it’s clear that some of the best comedy came from the unplanned moments, which definitely helped with the performance.

Mentalism Performance – 11/5/21

November 6, 2021 in Blogs


I perform the “Limitless One-Ahead” routine from The Jerx. I did fumble one part, but thankfully the rest of it went very smoothly.


J.R. was a great participant. He’s often talked to me about how much he enjoys magic after the shows, so I’m glad he chose to volunteer for an effect where he has the power. I didn’t think he’d be that amazed, but it feels good to know this routine really brought the wow factor.


Mentalism Performance – 10/22/21 (Halloween Show)

October 23, 2021 in Blogs

The bar I perform at had their Halloween party this weekend, which included a costume contest and karaoke in addition to the traditional open mic. So to fit the mood of the season, I dolled myself up in drag and performed a nice little haunted routine based on Ted Lesley’s “Origami Telekinesis.” It didn’t go fully as planned – one of the gimmicks I’d prepared broke before I could use it, but it still left a strong impression on the audience. I like to reserve more bizarre effects for special occasions, and I’m glad this one was successful.


Also, anime fans may pick up on a little shout out in my ghost story.

Mentalism Performance – 10/8/21

October 8, 2021 in Blogs


To mark one year of doing my mentalism act at open mics I decided to do another performance of my very first routine – ESP Triple Play (inspired by Max Maven’s “Psiangle”). When I started out last October, I was very stilted and awkward. I wanted to be the scholarly, serious psychic, and it really hurt my performance. Doing these sessions over the last year have shown me that more warmth and humor play a great role in building a stronger rapport with the audience. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress.

Mentalism Performance – 9/10/21

September 11, 2021 in Blogs

I perform John Archer’s bank night routine. I wanted to do a gambling themed effect to mark my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, and based on how well it went over, I’d say I made the right bet (pun intended.)

Mentalism Performance – 9/3/21

September 4, 2021 in Blogs


My take on Paul Hallas’ effect “Number Force Plus”, as taught to me Paul Mellan, proprietor of the magic shop I frequent. As you can see, it gets a strong reaction even if your name isn’t Paul.


Big thanks to Gibby for being such a great participant.

Mentalism Performance – 8/19/21

August 19, 2021 in Blogs

A pseudo-psychometry/drawing duplication routine inspired by Larry Becker and Rob Zabrecky.
Tried out my act at a different open mic venue tonight, one hosted by the county actor’s guild. It definitely had a looser, more relaxed atmosphere, and I think that helped me feel calmer when performing. Everyone was very receptive. Plus, there was nice variety in the acts: stand-up, monologues, singing, poetry, even another magician (Nate did an incredible Cards Across). I’ll definitely be coming back here in the future.

Mentalism Performance – 8/6/21

August 7, 2021 in Blogs


I perform “Magician’s Choice”, a routine inspired by the duos Penn & Teller and Morgan & West. I hope I did them justice. I also have to say that I’m a little pleased I was able to work my Power Rangers figures into my act.

Mentalism Performance – 7/11/21

July 12, 2021 in Blogs


My first performance in an official show. I was honored to be a part of this, and hope to do more in the future.


Apologies for any sound issues – I didn’t know we’d be performing outside until shortly before the show.


Effects performed are, in order:

1.) Drawing Duplication

2.) Pseudo-Psychometry

3.) ESP Card Matching



Mentalism Performance – 6/18/21

June 18, 2021 in Blogs


My first foray into Bizarre Magick. Story is true, the routine is from Luke Jermay.


(Apologies for the noisy crowd in the background. A 76ers game was on)

Mentalism Performance – 6/4/21

June 5, 2021 in Blogs


Performed a pseudo-psychometry routine. I’d been trying to figure out a good way to present this for a while, and I found the answer in Ted Lesley’s book Paramiracles. Based on how much everyone enjoyed it, I’d say Ted knew what he was talking about.

Mentalism Performance – 5/7/21

May 13, 2021 in Blogs

I perform a routine inspired by John Archer’s “Collard”. Stumbled a bit, but thankfully it got a strong reaction.