4 thoughts on “Manic Expression Digression Session – Episode 1: Starting over again

  1. It’s good to see SomeJerkFromBoston back on the site. It’s crazy to see this come back after the hiatus. Kyle and I were usually the very quiet ones on the show (whenever I occasionally popped up on here). I’m curious to see what future topics will come about here on the Digression Session.

    1. Well, as we said, we’re getting old, so maybe calcium deposits on the bones, or “hey, is this mole changing colors?” That would be my guess on where we’ll take things 🙂

  2. I always liked the name ‘Manic Expression Digression Session’. It’s an honest title that reflects how it’s largely a casual conversation that won’t always stick to one topic or another.
    Stream of consciousness (as I’m seeing the video) musings follow:
    1:00 Having ten or more participants in a discussion can be a bit awkward. It’s hard for everyone to get in what they wish to say when there’s that many participants. So yes, perhaps a somewhat less chaotic structure might be a good thing, while still adhering to the spirit of the title and allowing things to go off-topic now and then.
    6:00 A lot of us have stuff we look back on and cringe. The ‘edgelord’ era of Internet content has a lot of stuff that hasn’t aged well.
    Sigh, this stream of consciousness is being thwarted by a thunderstorm, forcing me to log off before a power failure happens. Back later, maybe.

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