Creating video content is a pretty popular activity nowadays. Various YouTube bloggers entertain the audience with all the imaginable topics, from travel to the unboxing of military rations. However, game videos remain one of the most demanded. Authors make reviews, gameplay clips, reactions, live streams, and so on. If you’re among these content creators or just want to start your own blog, it’s vital to mind all aspects of filmmaking.

In this guide, we want to touch one specific point: music in gaming videos. How to choose proper audio? Where to get tracks? Is it safe to enable background music from games? Read on to find the answers, including the best sites to download sounds!

The Question of Content Ownership

Issues with intellectual property emerged many years ago. With the rise of online content, they changed, too. Authors who make music or videos, write books, design games are constantly fighting with piracy. Yet, this battle often harms regular content makers who find their videos blocked or sites warned because of copyright violations.

In 2013, YouTube filed hundreds of copyright claims against game bloggers. These users rely on third-party content more than others because they play or review games – products of other parties. Precisely, dozens of authors were warned or blocked because they streamed in-game music! And this precedent led to many content usage questions.  

According to more recent changes, YouTube also tries to make Content ID fairer for all members of the network. Still, all the possible outcomes for content creators who violate copyright rules remain the same:

  • Monetization blocking. The first measure from moderators includes revenue blocks. You’ll not get money from ads or views if you use music protected by copyright. Still, it’s not the most severe punishment.
  • Monetization sharing. Earlier, rights holders were able to earn money from videos with their sounds, used both intentionally and unintentionally. Now, these opportunities are limited to the former case only.
  • Video blocking. Apart from monetization changes, YouTube can block clips that violate rules completely. For this, we always recommend making backups and having video files stored outside YouTube, just in case.
  • Strike or channel blocking. Finally, the platform warns and even blocks users who continue violating copyright policies, the platform. Usually, it’s enough to get two warnings called strikes to get your channel banned.

Simultaneously, other platforms also fight illegal usage of intellectual property. If you’re making videos for Bing or streaming on Mixer, remember about copyrights, too.

Summing up, we can say that music content ownership rights are pretty complicated. That’s why you should plan audio tracks for your gaming videos carefully. Taking soundtracks or background music from real games may be dangerous because of copyright policies. Instead, consider using royalty-free music. Let’s look at how you can find it.

Top Sites to Find Gaming Music

To start with, let’s look at two essential platforms with music for content creators. Both of them contain high-quality tracks but they rely on different strategies. Let’s begin with a more sophisticated system. is a community of musicians and producers with rich experience in content stocks. The team focuses on unique, usable, and top-quality audio for other creators with various tasks. The platform offers both free and premium tracks but all options are 100% legal. Taketones supports five licensing models, from a completely free CC scheme to unlimited package that even allows using audio for TV and movies.

Another option you should consider is the YouTube Audio Library. What’s good is that it’s a native YouTube platform so it also guarantees a lack of any copyright issues. There are many filters and categories by genres, mood, instrument, duration, etc. In addition to traditional music, YouTube has sound effects for various purposes. Be sure to check this tab as it may contain some unusual ideas for your content.

Still, there are more examples of sites with royalty-free and licensed music. You can find them below. Feel free to do your own research to find the most suitable resources:

  • Bandcamp.
  • Beardmont.
  • digccMixter.
  • FreeSFX.
  • IndieGameMusic.
  • Mark Sparling.
  • MusOpen.
  • Netlabels.
  • PlayOnLoop.
  • Steven O’Brien.

Choosing between all options, we’d opt for Taketones. The main reason is that this site has a special category of music files for games. Using this filter, you can quickly find the best free or paid sounds for your gaming clips of any type.

Tips & Tricks on Choosing the Best Audio

Well, so the next question is: how do you choose the most relevant music for your game videos? We can define four key factors that affect this choice. They are pretty basic but great to start with. Take a look:

  1. Game. While it may be tempting to take native in-game music, it’s better to find royalty-free content. Focus on the game type. For instance, active fast-paced projects like Fortnite let’s plays require upbeat energetic background music. Simultaneously, reviews of strategies like X-COM are compatible with calmer ambient.
  2. Personality. The next important thing to focus on your personal brand. It may be linked to one particular game or genre. As well, you can build own atmosphere without focusing on specific games. Thus, think about what do you want. Active electro? Classic jazz? Brutal rock? It’s up to you so choose wisely.
  3. Style. From personality, let’s move to deeper nuances. Style depends on many factors, including the games you play and the formats you choose. Let’s say, live streams are compatible with one style while pre-recorded clips pair nicely with another. Try, experiment, and find the style that works best for you.
  4. Taste. Finally, you’re the main fan of your content. You listen to the chosen music, you watch videos, and you should enjoy them. Be sure to pick styles and tracks that you really like, not just hyped things for fans. These sounds will help you to relax and deliver more engaging content, undoubtedly.

Further, based on these points, you can spot the most appropriate tracks for each topic. And don’t forget about copyright!

Summing Up

Music is an essential part of almost any gaming video. Without it, your clip would look too hollow, pale. We admit that many cool sounds are under copyright laws but there are more alternatives! You always can find tailored music stock sites that deliver free or premium audio tracks for different topics. Just think about the games you play, genres you like, and the ways you want to interact with viewers.

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