If you love good music, you must also want to experience live music concerts as they are not only an opportunity to see your favorite artist live, but it is also an event to enjoy a different projection of your favorite songs. Artists like Beyoncé, Sia and Lady Gaga put on extravagant performances that you cannot otherwise enjoy just by watching their music videos and listening to their songs. Everyone wants to go to music festivals like Coachella and more to groove to the music and make memories. You’ve seen your friends posting pictures partying hard in rock festivals and concerts, and it is your time to go. Continue reading this article to know more about the Dos and Don’ts of visiting a live-concert. 

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Follow Rules: Every event has some guidelines of their own. Read the brochure because the last thing you want to do is to be thrown out of the event midway. 

  • Reach the venue on time to secure your spot. Having a decent spot is mandatory to enjoy the music. You don’t want to be late and stuck in a corner or behind a bunch of tall dudes. 
  • Do not get involved in any quarrel or fight with others. The guards will throw you out of the venue regardless of your fault. Maintain a safe distance from the creeps as there will be many. 
  • Do not lose your ticket or entry pass. 

What to Pack: Keep your packs light and small. You don’t want to carry a huge backpack all the time. You can’t enjoy your music if you are always worried about losing your essential items. 

  • Pack a multipurpose sun scream as you might be standing in scorching heat to enjoy your favorite band play.
  • Bring your bottle of water because singing along all that song with the band; you are going to be thirsty. It is always safer to drink your own bottled water rather than borrowing it from a stranger. 
  • Plan your meals according to the event breaks and the performance of the artists. There are some artists that you can skip while the others you absolutely cannot. So, go through the schedule beforehand and plan when you will go for a quick-bite. 

Smoke Marijuana: the most crucial goal is to have fun when you are at a concert. What’s more fun than smoking a blunt with your buddies? Music and cannabis have a bond for ages as legendary musicians have promoted smoking marijuana themselves. Many of US states have legalized some form of marijuana. It is legal for an adult person to purchase marijuana in Oregon. With a valid id proof, one may purchase marijuana from a pot shop in Salem, Oregon

  • It is a music event, and you want to experience the music in its best form. Studies show that marijuana has stimulus properties that enhance the ability to appreciate music properly. People experience music differently when they are under the influence of cannabis. 
  • Those who do not enjoy smoking may also make cannabis edibles and carry those with them to the concert. Eat the cannabis-infused edibles moderately.

Stay connected with your friends via text messages and have a designated meet-up point for all of your friends if you can’t find each other. If possible, use public transportation because finding the right parking spot can be a hassle. The most important rule is to have fun and take Instagram worthy pictures to post on social media. Find the best quality of weed from the local dispensaries in California and explore the summery sea beaches with friends.

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