This review and the remaining reviews I do from this moment forward is dedicated in Loving memoriam of
Robert N. Faraci Sr.

(Scene begins with a laser hitting a slab of Titanium as the music of the 1994 American Gladiators opening theme plays the angle of the camera goes into the laser as three shadowed figures with a lasered outlines appear as the shadows reveal themselves to be James Faraci in the center, Paulo Fonseca on the right and Rebecca Yaun on the left as their names appear above the characters. As the three run out of frame moving forward, four more shadowed figures with lasered outlines appear and the shadows reveal themselves as Brenda Fonseca on the right, Nick Yaun on the left and John and Mike Santos and their names appear above the characters. As they run out of frame moving forward, five more shadowed figures with lasered outlines appear as they reveal themselves to be Renee Miller and Eric Kurtzke on the right, Andrew Beach and Ed Champion on the left and Olivia Horvath appear in the center as their names appear above the characters. As they run out of frame credits of “Written and directed by James Faraci, Edited by Eric Kurtzke, Makeup by Olivia Horvath Produced by First Choice Productions” as it ends the Laser beam disappears and at the 0:28 mark of the theme song the words “The” “Last” “Of” “The” appear. At the 0:32-0:36 mark the word “Americans” start to come forward as it pulls down and James’ Morpher and Sonic Screwdriver is flung into frame as James grabs both and morphs into The Last Of The Americans with the half team TLOTA on his right and the other half on his left as the camera pulls back to see the slab with the markings “The Last Of The Americans”. Fade cut to James in his room sitting in contemplation as to whether to continue or not as echoes of Chad Narducci’s voice chewing James out with Vitriolic Hate ring in James’ head. James sighs and is looking at a blank screen on his Microsoft Word Program.)

What am I going to do? All I do is get chewed out by the people I need the most and the people I want to be with me, don’t want anything to do with me. Further complicating things… (James looks up from his Computer to see a photo of him and his father as the two of them and his older brothers are coming off a fishing trip with their fish. Cut to James as he begins to cry and say “Dad”)

TLOTA (Crying):
Dad, Rob I wish you guys were with me. (James continues to cry for 30 Seconds, sits and sighs)

What am I going to do? James Faraci The Last Of The Americans, What can I do? Do I even continue?(James sighs as he looks on Amazon Prime and sees “The Shootist” on there. Cut to James looking at the screen and sighs.) The Shootist, the last great western of any generation, the last great John Wayne movie, the last movie of a bygone era, maybe this will be the movie will be the last roundup for me! Maybe it’s apropos for what might be my final one. (James hits the play button as John Wayne played by James appears in the same room as James. Cut to James!)

Well, I think the fact that I am seeing John Wayne here is just proof that the last drop of sanity has evaporated. (Cut to John Wayne as he grabs the chair next to James)

John Wayne:
You know something James, just because I’m sitting here don’t mean you’ve fallen off the horse. It’s you just working through your problems, but you shouldn’t be doing it alone.

With John Wayne on my side, will I be able to continue on or is this the end?

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