Yesterday, We FINALLY get a Trailer for Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.

So, with this “momentous” occasion, I decided to share my thoughts on it with you.

The plot, from what was shown, revolves around Canterlot High School as they prepare to play the annual Friendship Games against the Crystal Preparatory Academy Shadowbolts, whom they always lose to apparently, and the Mane Six get to meet the Human Twilight Sparkle and find out she’s from Crystal Preparation Academy and will be against them in the games.

It turns out, from what I saw, I got a few of my predictions right.
For the most part, the Shadowbolts don’t contain any magical powers nor are they beings from Equestria. They’re just normal humans who are rivals to the Wondercolts. The Dazzlings haven’t shown up, which is a bit unfortunate since I liked them in the previous film…and, of course, Flash Sentry was in the trailer…


(Why can’t Flash just go away?)


and of course, there’s also Human Twilight to talk about.

She isn’t much of a villain as people may have thought. (DeviantArt is flooded with her being absolutely evil.) She showed almost no interest in the Games, and seemed more preoccupied with something else, most likely investigating the school of the strange events of the first two films. Plus, she’ll get to meet the Mane Six which will be interesting to see.


With Twilight investigating the school, this actually leads into part of the plot, in which Equestrian Magic starts randomly popping up around the school, most of it looks like portals leading to different parts of Equestria, and Sunset Shimmer believes she has something to do with it. (She’s wearing an odd necklace which will obviously be a part of that.)
With this being revealed, I have a feeling the Human Twilight might be meeting Pony Twilight after all…except it’ll be in Equestria. Since the magic consists of random portals, I think Human Twilight will fall into a portal, probably the main portal in front of the school, and gets to go to Equestria and encounter the Ponies counterparts of the Mane Six as well as herself.


Unlike the first two films, this one will be aired on Discovery Family instead of being shown in limited movie theaters.  Personally, I see this as a good thing. For the first two films, I never got the chance to see them in a movie theater, they had no location playing nearby my residence, and when I tried to see the first film, it was sold out. So, this being aired on TV instead is a big plus so many people, like myself, can actually see it when it comes out instead of waiting for a DVD release.
Overall, it looks interesting so far. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it as time passes and I’ll most likely be seeing it when it arrives.

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