P can be how in turn, through the years, after it has been said and now, how the feelings remain still as a Pathological reminder, of what could have been, should be around, and would still linger in the heart, beyond just a memory.

I later means of how a simple and unfortunate fated Illusion, form from depression and facts, some don’t wish to see, as real as you and I.

C always meant to have everything Compartmentalized, so everything doesn’t hurt nor swell too deeply, when choosing to look on life, through slim handful figments, that at once a time, meant nothing, until knowing now, everything than, didn’t make it to the now.

T stands on how every word, slouch or precision, is Tailored to fit the fables, even when that line is so blurred, everyone believes it, even the one who spoke of it the most, as they ripped away the facts away, for the sake, of not others, but damned hollow pride.

U goes for how Ugly that festering sickness, so deep, that the decaying mold, just eats away, while others notice and do something, or look another way and move on.

R can show of how sad, of how easy those small moments, are so easy to be Recyclable over and over, until it is just the norm, and glad to some, we end up learning from it, but for how good is it all actually?

E finally leads to all, though really adds nothing nor something, and that’s of how it Ends, while the past burns, the today glows, and future blinds, in just a snap away, just like that.




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