Well, after Five Years since its premiere, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has finally hit the 100 Episode Mark.


It’s definitely been an interesting journey with The Royal Wedding, Twilight becoming a Princess, Equestria Girls, and the recent dealing with Starlight Glimmer. So, to celebrate the occasion, The show writers decided to pull something new and centered the entire 100th episode on the background characters of the show.

It was definitely an interesting move for them to make, but one that would make it all the more memorable or an episode that would be a complete dud.

I don’t know about all of you out there, but I was pretty excited for it:

Spike Jacket courtesy of my sister….and yes, this is what I look like.


Anyways, here are my thoughts on the 100th Episode entitled Slice of Life.


Matilda and Cranky Doodle Donkey are hastily getting ready for their wedding which had the wrong date on the invitations which moved it to the day before the original date and eventually causes some trouble among the citizens getting ready for the wedding. All while the Mane Six are dealing with a Bugbear that is attacking Ponyville.


The events that lead up to the wedding are though in an Anthology style similar to Pulp Ficiton and Crash where all of the stories connect to each other in some way. Aside from Cranky and Matilda, we get to see Derpy try to help out Matilda and make up for the invitations, Doctor Whooves/Time Turner getting an outfit for the wedding (Eventually meeting up with The Big Lebowski Ponies,) Bon-Bon and Lyra get Town Hall ready for the wedding, Octavia practicing with Vinyl Scratch/DJ-Pon3, and many other fan favorites come back in the episode just for this episode. It was nice to see some of the background characters get some time on the screen for themselves in the episode as well as getting some dialogue for the episode. Although, I do think Sparkler was cheated out of the episode since she seemed to be a “big part” in one of the Promotional Clips.


As mentioned, throughout the whole episode, the Mane Six are mostly seen fighting a Bugbear.


The get almost no dialogue and are, obviously, the one thing that we aren’t really suppose to be paying attention to in the episode. They do pop up at the very tail-end of the episode only for Twilight to comment on how happy she is to live in Ponyville as well as an obvious group hug. One thing I was curious about their fight was that we never get to see how it ends. It’s only announced by Bon-Bon that they defeated it and they then get locked out of Town Hall before the Wedding. I know the focus isn’t on them, but it was a little disappointing to me that we don’t know the outcome of the Bugbear. (For all we know, they could of killed it, teleported it away, sent it back in time, Fluttershy could of used “The Stare”, Discord could of had fun with it, the possibilities are simply endless.)


One thing that did end up being a little bit of a bother to me was part of Bon-Bon and Lyra’s scene in the episode.


While I had no problem with them being there and basically canonizing them being a couple in the show, Even though Rainbow Rocks confirmed it already, what I didn’t much care for was Bon-Bon’s “Secret Identity.” It seem very out of place in terms of the episode as well as what I’ve read as far as fan content is concerned. It wasn’t a big problem, but it was very random to be thrown in the episode.


Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It was a fun side episode that got dive into the lives of the background characters, which some (or in some case, MUCH) pandering on the side, and it was a pretty good to celebrate 100 episodes of the show.

Title Card by Jarvisrama99

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