Its finally that time of the year again for the sign-ups of Manic Expression’s annual October Event:



For those who are new and are first hearing about this, here’s a brief run-down:


31 Days of Halloween is an event where each member on M.E. posts a review/list/video/etc. up on the site all throughout the course of October. The Topic can be ranging from Halloween and Horror Movies/TV Specials to Events and October Traditions.



So with that being said, Sign-Ups are open for the public. I don’t have any major rules for it, but one I like to uphold is that at least everyone interested can do it can do it multiple days if they want to.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s 31DOH, let me know in the comments below, send me a PM here on M.E., or here on the forum:


Here are the spots that have been filled so far:


October 2 – The Second Opinion

October 7 – Moviefan

October 10 – The Creature/Jarvisrama99

October 13 – T-Kun

October 16 – Chilton

October 31 – HedonisticActor

Spots TBA – Les, Lost in the Warp Pipe, Some Jerk From Boston/The Man with No Chin, Atreyu

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