Cowabunga.   Hi and welcome to a special series,  where over of the course of these articles different expressionists will be giving their take on the various incarnations of The Turtle’s mot trusted ally.  What brought this about? A Couple of things.  One, I’ve been a Turtles fan for as long as I can remember.   The only incarnation (Besides the Mirage Comic), I’m not familiar with is  the 4Kids Series but other than that,  I’ve seen  all three of the original movies.  In fact,  the first movie was the very first movie, my parents ever took me to.   I watched the cartoon as a kid and even a couple of episodes on VHS tape.  I went with my best friend in 2007 to see the CGI movie and  just last year, I paid to see the Bay Turtles. And I didn’t hate it but there was something that irked me.   They screwed over April so badly in that movie but  I’m  not talking about that April.  Instead, I will be looking at Nick’s  other much April O’ Neil.




april 2012












I’ve  already  gone, which Expressionist will be tackling which take on this classic character.   But I had to stop and think what brought on the desire to  cover April.  I think it’s twofold,  I realized that growing  up while  I  loved the Turtles,  as an adult I like April more.   I don’t why that it is but  compared to  Heroes In A Half Shell,  I find her more compelling.  Except when Megan Fox is playing her.   Sorry , really  don’t  like Megan Fox’s April.   And  also because in part, as I’ve mentioned in the past,   Nick’s  animated April  is  my favorite  take  on the character and one of my favorite TMNT characters ever.   Sure,  I know  some people  didn’t like the aging down of April but it worked  and made for some for compelling arcs.   But even April  in the ’80s cartoon and moreso the movies was a good character.





And  as James  Rolfe  mentioned in the Nostalgia Critic/AVGN review of the  Bay Turtles.   There have been so many different takes on the Turtles through the years and through that, April has been depicted in  many different ways.  In the classic cartoon, you have a  news reporter.  In the original films,  she seems to serve more as motherly figure to the Turtles.   The 2007 April seemed to be aping a bit of The Bride from Kill Bill  and also a little Buffy but that may be because Sarah Michelle Gellar and  then the Nick take on April is a teenager, who has gone through Hell and back having her mutated twice.  Megan Fox’s April exists.   I don’t know what she was supposed to be other than eye candy. And even then,   ’80s cartoon April has her beat in that area.



april_oneil '80s











Judith Hoag











Megan Fox gets serious on the set of 'Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles' **USA, Canada, Australia ONLY**














So,   I hope you’ll join me and the other expressionists as we go on this journey looking at the various incarnations of April O’ Neil.  Here’s a line  up of everyone that is involved.


Les  will be looking  at  April  from the  ’80s  Cartoon



Alexthed  will be looking at Judith Hoag from the first  Turtles movie


The Creature will be taking on Paige Turco , who replaced Judith Hoag in the sequels and Megan Fox, (I’m so sorry)



BigBlackHatMan will be looking at the 4Kids version of April.



PbMiranda  of  Old School Lane  will be looking at  the 2007 CGI  April played by Sarah Michelle Gellar



And  finally, I will be tackling the Nick’s take on April as played by Mae Whitman.

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