Oscar season has finally come and gone and along with many little gold statues (possibly made of Chocolate…or in this year’s case Lego) as well as wondering of the films to come about that will earn those nominations. While we have our decisions that we’ve agreed with, there are always some that we tend not to think on the same level as the Academy’s majority vote.

Today, I’ve decided to do something a bit different. While we always celebrate the films that won, I’ve decided to look at the ones that didn’t. There are many great films that have been snubbed throughout the 87 years the oscars have existed and I’m going to share with you some of my picks with my Top 13 Oscar Nominated Films That Didn’t Win Best Picture.

To start off, Here are some Honorable Mentions:

LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring/Two Towers
Wizard of Oz
The Green Mile
It’s A Wonderful Life
The Graduate
Star Wars Episode IV
Raging Bull
Apocalypse Now
Good Night, and Good Luck
Born on the Fourth of July

13. Citizen Kane


This one needs no explanation really. It’s been labeled as the greatest film of all time by nearly everybody and it certainly does deserve such an honor. Although, while I do think this is a really good movie, there have been many others that have surpassed it over the years. Still, I felt like this was a mandatory pick for one spot on this list.


12. The Quentin Tarantino Movies [Pulp Ficiton/Inglorious Basterds/Django Unchained]

His movies are awesome. Not much else for me to say about it really except that it’s a shame that they never got to win Best Picture. At least they get some Original Screenplay Oscars though.


11. Quiz Show


Personally I don’t watch very many Game Shows, but this film was an interesting telling of the infamous Twenty One Quiz Show and how the contestants were often bribed to take dives and how the executives rigged the whole show.

10. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid


As I’ve stated before, Westerns aren’t really my cup of tea. While I’ve mostly sat through some rather generic and repetitve Spaghetti Westerns, I’ll admit there were some titles that I’ve come to enjoy and Butch Cassidy is one of them.

9. Lost in Translation

Oddly, this film was exactly what I was expecting it to be and I still enjoyed it. ( There’s not really much for me to say about this one.)

8. Sideways


As expected being in my Top 13 Films I Never Expected to End Up Liking, this film was a surprise for me. Like I mentioned in the list as well, I was often taken to Wineries and I immediately understood what they were talking about the wines and I heavily enjoyed Giamatti and Church’s characters as they played off each other very well. So, it was both surprising and not very surprising that I ended up enjoying this film.

7. Jaws


Steven Spielberg’s movies are pretty much almost always garaunteed to nominated in the top spots. While many of them are great movies, I always went with Peter Benchley’s tale of a killer Great White Shark off the coast of a New England Island during the 4th of July weekend…mostly because I still haven’t seen Schindler’s List…or Saving Private Ryan…

6. Black Swan


I was originally expecting this movie to be strictly about Ballet, without any of the Horror elements in it and nothing else but that. Thankfully though, much like most of these films, they blew past my expectations and got probably one of the better Horror films of the past couple of years.

5. The Exorcist


While I understand why the Academy doesn’t have very many Horror films for the Best Picture nomination, It’s a bit of a shame that still ignore some the better ones like this one even if they get nominated. I’m still glad though that at least this one was recognized. Never the less, The Exorcist is still one of the best horror movies out there.

4. To Kill A Mockingbird


Another one of the classics that rightfully deserved the Best Picture spot. Although , it did have some tough competition with Lawrence of Arabia which rightfully deserved the awards it got but I like this one better.

3. A Clockwork Orange


It baffles me that Kubrick’s movies never won any of the four major oscar categories. While Spartacus and Barry Lyndon have won some of the minor awards, they gained no wins and were only left with nominations. While not winning, it’s still great that they were nominated and if I’d to go with one of his movies, I’d have to go with his adaptation of the Athony Burgess novel (which is much better than the Andy Warhol version.)

2. The Elephant Man


Saying that David Lynch is an odd director would be an understatement. While going from Eraserhead to a Disney Movie of all things, he has definitely covered a wide variety of genres and one of his films that I always enjoyed was his telling of Joseph Merrick and the public’s reaction to him, mostly with curiosity and, of course, some horror. (After this movie came out, the following year the Academy introduced the award for Best Makeup and I think that this movie is a great example of that aspect.)

1. Her


With the way I’ve been talking about this movie after I saw it, it’s pretty obvious that this has quickly become one of my personal favorites ever since I saw it. I loved almost everything about this movie and I still talk about it often. Plus it also helps that I’m a fan of Spike Jonze’s films and this was definitely the best of his work.



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