As I mentioned in my Garzey’s Wing review a while ago, I’ve never really looked at Anime very much throughout the course of my life. So this pretty much came as a complete shock to my friends (the majority of them are Otakus) and I was immediately tackled with recommendations and questions on shows to see. Eventually, after an almost Two Year binge of watching almost any show that came up on Netflix, I felt like I’ve have at least a pretty fair amount of exposure with Good and Bad results following it.  Today, I’ve decided to share with you readers some of the ones I’ve encountered that have become my personal favorites.

Normally I’d do a Top Thirteen, but given I only recently got into anime, I’ll just stay at Ten. I’d also like to point out some of these will be considered “Obvious” choices that would be on anybody’s list and others will be odd. (Also, showing my lack of anime knowledge, some of these descriptions are extremely brief.)

So, On with the list.


10. Eden of the East


This definitely isn’t the most “action packed” choice out of the bunch. While it comes off extremely close to being a Bourne Identity knock-off, it still presented some interesting ideas for an anime as well as likable characters and the show (in my opinion) had an awesome ending. I guess it shows how diverse Anime can be with its style and subject material.



9. Fullmetal Alchemist


To me, this one seem a bit forced for me to have on here. While I am currently watching several anime shows on here that I really enjoy, this one was a part of a (then) short list of anime shows that I liked and it really was here because I had no other shows to put on here. Never the less, I still enjoyed the show for what it offered. I ended up liking the Elric brothers, along with many other side characters, it had plenty of interesting ideas, and I was glad I ended up finally watching it.
(If Curious, I like Brotherhood a little bit more than the original series.)

8. The Big O


I have mostly mixed feelings on this show currently. My main reason for having it on here is mostly due to nostalgia, but the main problem and likability I have with the show can be summed up with the show’s two seasons. The first season has everything that I absolutely love about the show. It had beautiful film noir style animation to match with its mystery/detective stories along with great and interesting characters and had Giant Robots fighting on top of it and it was absolutely glorious. Although with its second season, it lacks bits of the charm and the color palate that I originally loved in S1. (Plus the ending was dumb.) Never the less, I ended up liking it enough for it to appear here on my list.


7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


…This was a trip. Prior to watching this series I often ignored Magical Girls in Anime. I was often exposed to shows like Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew due to my Sister and it annoyed the hell out of me so I avoided it like the Plague. One day back in 2014, fellow Expressonist Chilton introduced me to this anime…and I’ll admit it’s basically a complete Mindf**k of a show…and I enjoyed every episode of it. With its impressive and varing range of animation styles, complete deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre, and interesting characters, it ended being a completely different and very enjoyable experience for me to see.


6. Death Note


…So…it’s about a notebook…that can kill anyone by anyway possible…why haven’t I heard about this until last year?

Obviously, I was immediately interested just by the premise alone and eventually came to like it even more with everything that the show offers whether it be the compelling characters, the animation, and the interesting story all while inquiring questions of morality along the way.


5. Welcome to the NHK


While there were times in the show when the main character bothered me immensely and some minor plot elements that I didn’t like, this was a really good show that told the story of an extremely paranoid conspiracy believing kid and how he deals with the hardship of life that we all must come to face.


4. Paranoia Agent


I’ve started taking an interest into the work of Satoshi Kon recently with his films Paprika and Perfect Blue and I decided to take a look at the show he created which added up to a David Lynch style Anime that deals with the idea of Paranoia not only as a problem but also as a necessity for human beings as well as portraying the effects of a pheomenon from multiple perspectives involved in the Lil’ Slugger case that end with some bizarre outcomes and secrets being learned about them as they dive further into the case. It’s bizarre, it’s experimental, and it’s perfect for me.


3. Samurai Champloo


A rather odd but fitting blend of Edo-era Japan along with modern culture and styles made this a rather interesting experience for me to watch. It felt like a odd samurai movie idea that would be told by the RZA, or any other member of the Wu-Tang Clan, that would end up turning into something Quentin Tarantino would be involved with while he was working on the Kill Bill movies along with the interesting and mysterious trio of main characters and the really good soundtracks that came with the show. It was a strange show for me, but one I never regretted seeing.


2. Cowboy Bebop


…like I said, some of these choices are obvious. I don’t really need to say anything about this show since everything great about it has been said and shared by many others before me. It’s basically one of the best anime shows out there and it will go down in history in remembrance by millions.


and finally my #1…


I know that this might be a bit of an odd choice for me considering my netrual relationship with the Western genre as well as the fact that it’s probably a more obvious choice for someone who isn’t really into Anime like myself, (Although I think it’d be more so if I had Bebeop as #1) but never the less, this show still came off to me as my personal favorite out of the bunch that I saw and there’s one very big reason for that…Vash the Stampede.


He’s nothing but an absolutely goofball with a very tragic past that wants nothing more than love, peace, and donuts who seems to have destruction follow him in his wake, leaving him as a wanted man with a bounty of $$60,000,000,000…and he’s my all time favorite anime character. He’s one of the select few main characters in anime that I genuinely liked and he helped me see the show for the greatness that it is. Throw in the Sci-Fi Western atmosphere, other fun and interesting characters, great animation (for the time,) and his encounters with Bounty Hunters and you end up with an extremely enjoyable show.



I’m still trying to expand my horizons with Anime. So, if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments.


title card by Kan Fletcher (Jarvisrama99):

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