Hello and welcome to another out of the norm blog, this time it is the holidays and what better way in showcasing the holiday than some movies about this coming holidays. In this case this be broken in three parts, so there will this list and two other parts, why in so of this. For there are three styles of holiday movies types: theatrical, made-for-television/direct-to-video, and films relating to Christmas.


Yeah sounds like a lot of work, but it is going to be fun to do. And hoping along the way, it goes for the same for you viewers, as we look a very, optimistically thinking that is a wide range of films.


With that said, let’s get this going with . . .



Theatrical Christmas Films




Number 12: A Christmas Accident (1911 Film)

This is a very cute short film. Letting just the world around it and the people in be the main focus. Yes, at times now some movies are like that, but in this case, it does shine more. Key center of this film, for that even in bitters terms, there is no real point in dismissing one another during this time a year. For a title with the word accident, it felt more planned and welcome than any. Luckily this little classic hasn’t fallen off the face of earth and can still be found around the internet, YouTube was where I found it. So if you’re someone who just wants a barebones kinds of film, with just a simple goal start to end, and less than 15 minutes long. This film is for you.

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A Christmas Accident (1912) Poster

4.5 Out of 5




Number 11: Ernest Saves Christmas (1988 Film)

Say what you will about Ernest as whole, there can be charming moments in any film he’s been in and still be enjoyable. Out of most, it was this and for the Santa choice of actor, you can never go wrong it. The overall meaning of it is not forgetting the meaning of Christmas and it shows; it just takes a lot to look around holes of it, to enjoy the shining gems in it. For of remembering at times what the spirit of it; is worth the pain on trying keeping the holiday alive, even just a little.

2.6 Out of 5




Number 10: The Polar Express (2006 Film)

I give little care on what will say about this film. Personal, it’s an enjoyment of a ride movie. Giving in many ways of a more child-like look of things, from start to end, and for that, it can’t passed up for what it is. So many little plots that are in it are just hope this film needs as it goes on to main plot of it. It all ranges from; giving up on silly dreams, evolving in growth of oneself, knowing that if even not being a child anymore does not mean to let everything go, and wonders. Main plot of it is just what kid would want to do, know and prove parents wrong that believing in the impossible; like say finding and meeting Santa can happen, if one dares to take that lone step to do it. This film is one those I find I like, but everyone hates, as the backlash for it, is enough. Let this film breathe for what it is than what others wanted it to be, because for whatever that is, will never happen and it will forever like this. A beautiful film: that takes a chance, a risk, and sheer wonder for the child and child at heart.

4.5 Out of 5




Number 9: The Grinch (2000 Film)

This is just a great live action version, and with the musical play coming soon, I guess that will be put to the test afterwards. But for this film alone, it’s good. Enjoyable for a young and aimed right the adult age . . . could it be for everyone? No. Yet, it doesn’t stop for movie goers like me. It’s funny, there is drama, back story for what it gives, shallow of it, but it’s better than just say out guy in green just hates it. This film gave reason why holidays can suck at times, but also show what makes it good. Tropes and clichés aside, it doesn’t take away from fun this movie is going for. As far that goes, this film is only for those who want a little faintly gloomy twist on their jolly cheer.

4 Out of 5




Number 8: Hjem til jul/Home for Christmas (2010 Film)

For a movie that has no main focus and jumps around a lot. The emotion toll it was aiming for is far missed in this film. Taking place in small Norway village; as many different people try to make due through the upcoming winter season festival, trying to pull family together that over time drifted apart before the start set of the film. In sight of it, kindle care of another, for whom the film ends up going during it, is always worth it. Confusing at times for the change of different areas and people, are hard to remember at times, but again, it’s about trying to be happy and together during this holiday and this film does well. It’s worth a once check at least for the love that went into making this film.

3.8 Out of 5




Number 7: What Would Jesus Buy? (2007 Film)

Yeah with like that, anyone would be wary of this film piece could be about. If it helps, it’s a documentary about what modern life has change Christmas from what it used to be. Taking mostly for what consumers, business, and global intake of it all has done. Yes, sounds weird for something for season day that’s all about putting presents under the tree and getting a good meal, alone or with family. But, in believing what was stated before, maybe it reasons why. It does great in asking some questions that people have asked so much about or where just static. There is much more in this film, but it’s just so good, spoiling wouldn’t be fair for it. If there questions of wonders and maybe even taking new views of it. Only seen it once at film festival and have hang on from then on, but if you catch it, give it a watch.

4.9 Out of 5




Number 6: Fred Claus (2007 Film)

I do adore this movie. Mostly for that there is the thought that maybe Santa really can’t do all things, which kids believe in come that easy as they think. With that of a sibling shadowed by another, always getting, pretty much the better life; and yes it does come off as mean spirit at times, but doesn’t everything in life at time, when it’s not all rainbows and sunshine between family and friends. We all do things we’ll maybe someday regret and go the ends of the world fixed, even if others say it can’t be done. There is a chance, slim, and at times only one person can do it. Learning to forgive and understand what’s more important. That message is, either too lightly or head bashing for whoever watches it. To now, this film holds up for just being only a decade old and still be funny, dramatic, wonderful, and wise. Bitter reminders shouldn’t be what hold people back from seeing that.

5 Out of 5




Number 5: Home Alone (1990 Film)

This is a wonder if anyone was lacking shock of not seeing this coming. A classic that holds up so well and talked about as a must watch. A plot very simple, a kid left behind by his high-strung too quick forget family on their to Paris for the holidays, unknowing that their home would be the prime target for the string of thefts happening, luckily, Kevin the Left Behind Good For Nothing Kid, is there to protect, no matter the cost. Comedy and family life is thrown in with some adventure from a kid just wanting to learn being on his own to going against burglars that luckily have the brain the size of peas. Only leaves the question of why your still and not watching right now . . . get going! You can read the rest later!

5 Out of 5




Number 4: I’ll Be Seeing You (1944 film)

Going back in the far classic, where at the time speaking of war or showing side effects were a very taboo subject and in the film, does not care if it makes the viewers unsure how to take it. Along with a woman who becomes slowly our male lead love’s interest, that along that he was release from a hospital from suffering shell shock from the war. And our main lady, who just happen to be sent to jail for convicting accidental manslaughter during their short breaks to see family, before having to be send back to jail or the hospital. They meet on a train, and from then on we the trails they go through on what they have lost and gain through the choice they made. The outside cast is also a nice touch, to show that even for these two, of what all had happen to them, they are still very human, learning after mistakes or misleads taken. It’s a thrilling and heartfelt movie that takes place a week or so before Christmas, and as time goes on, you really feel for everyone in it. Even if age hasn’t been kind to it, doesn’t change anything about it from giving it a watch at least once.

3 Out of 5




Number 3: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946 Film)

Another film that has been talked to death. So I won’t dwell long on it. A film that only focus on a moment in life and expanding more than what it is, off Christmas on it, makes this all happy by the end of it. A grand film that; it would be sad to hear if anyone hasn’t seen it yet. For that . . . go see it!

4.5 Out of 5




Number 2: Less Than Zero (1987 Film)

To others may watch more of those action kinds of films that are based around the holidays. In this case, we are not going down the easy route for this one. This film is hard to swallow at times and makes things uneasy for how cheerful the Christmas is suppose to be and that’s reason it’s on this list. If there is ever a time, in really forgetting what life has out for everyone, this rises pretty close to it, of how easy it can be taken away. For every laughter there crying, every strong will mind becomes spiraling down in a flames of despair, a moment a hope is a moment bare the pain. Surprise enough this is a Christmas movie but it is and a shot for it, not to be forgotten of what others have and how quickly it can be taken away, is a fair enough reminder of that.

5 Out of 5




Number 1: Holiday Inn (1942 Film)

And to end this on a happy note, here is a movie that just lives the life of Christmas of those around it. Having all kinds of certain twist and turns in it, make it a good watch not miss out on. With it being a musical doesn’t hurt either. The drive movie gives it just wonderful, along with great song numbers that very much embody the film as a whole even more. As it might be an old one and has aged a bit, that doesn’t take away in what it delivers. A family film that stretches out for those of friendship as well, as it is also needed to play it all right. Give it a watch and you’ll not be let down of it.

4 Out of 5




Honorable Mentions: Arthur Christmas (2011 Film), Four Christmases (2008 Film), Rise of the Guardians (2012 Film), Elf (2003 Film), Jingle All the Way (1996 Film), Die Hard (1988 Film), Lethal Weapon (1987 Film), The Santa Clause (1994 Film), and The Shop Around the Corner (1940 Film)





Now after all this, you may be wonder of certain films I missed out. Mostly for some, there are too many remakes of certain films them it would be hard to pick just one, as they do well enough job on making a statement for themselves. Other films mostly didn’t feel like a Christmas movie or have been talked so much; there was no point in adding them. Adding for those squeals too, remember it was first one that got us liking them in the first place. There is becoming one with the in-crowd and then there is trying to be different. You can guess of which I took after this.

With that said, this ends part 1 of 3 Christmas movie blogs. Tune in next time as we go from big screen to little screen in the next installment. Merry Holidays of all kinds, and see you later!

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