Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. Two years ago, I reviewed “A Very Goofy Christmas” and “Mickey and Minnie’s The Gift of The Magi” from Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas. A Christmas anthology video that contained three Christmas shorts. There was one short during that time of year that I neglected to review but I’ve decided to return to it as I’ve been on a Donald Duck/Huey, Dewey, & Louie kick this year. r. So, today and next week, you are getting a Huey, Dewey, & Louie Christmas double feature.

The Plot

It’s Christmas day at Donald’s house and his nephews are excited because they get a lot of new presents including sleighs from Donald and Daisy. It’s interesting but they actually call Daisy, Aunt Daisy in this segment. The boys are shown to not care about their family or what Christmas is really about as they don’t spend anytime with their family and when Aunt Daisy (I love that) calls them in for dinner and we see that they devour the whole meal before anyone else gets a chance and this rightly upsets Donald but Aunt Daisy (Okay, it was just once but it was so sweet) defends the boys by saying that they are just enjoying her cooking.

That night, the boys make a wish that everyday could be Christmas on a wishing star and the next morning wish is granted and at first, the boys are overjoyed but after living the same Christmas for what seems like an eternity, the boys grow tired of living the same day over and over again. And soon grow tired with it.

They then decide to spice one Christmas after the 4th or 5th time by playing pranks such as replacing Aunt Daisy’s cooked turkey with a live turkey, which causes a ruckus through the house such as destroy a grand piano that Uncle Scrooge used to sing carols and just destroyed the house and even caused the tree to fall over and it landed on Donald.

The boys then are about to leave the house until they read the card from Uncle Donald and Aunt Daisy on their sleds and they realize that they made Christmas miserable and were being selfish. They decide the next Christmas has to be the best and they make Christmas breakfast, help Aunt Daisy with Christmas dinner, which is now ham. Oh and the turkey from the previous Christmas is now a guest at Christmas. Donald thinks that his nephews are up to something and they were something and they were. They took their sleighs/sleds and turned them into a present for Uncle Donald, his dreamboat.

And the next day is December 26th, meaning that the cycle of Christmas has come to an end . While, this is my least favorite of the shorts from Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, it is still quite good and a sweet message.


Main Characters

Huey, Dewey, & Louie voiced by Russi Taylor


As you’ve noticed, I’ve been looking at shorts starring these three this year starting with some of their earliest shorts and I will admit that I am not a fan of their early portrayals as they are bratty and malicious. I will admit that I prefer them in their newer portrayals as while they still have their moments, they feel well meaning and I think that a lot of kids have had that thought of having Christmas everyday but they soon learn that isn’t such a good thing and I like that they come around and actually learn what Christmas is actually about.

Supporting Characters

Donald voiced by Tony Anselmo




I liked Donald’s role in this as he served the paternal with the boys that I enjoy seeing him in and you could totally understand where he was coming from as an adult because the boys were acting a bit out of line.

Daisy voiced by Tress MacNeille

Daisy’s role in this segment was minor but I did enjoy her time in it and her defending the boys felt like a mother defending her sons from their father scolding them. I get that and it was a sweet moment because I don’t think other than Quack Pack, there has been interaction with Daisy and the boys. Even then in the show, the boys were teens but here, they were presented as young kids and that felt more natural.

Scrooge voiced by Alan Young

Scrooge’s role was minor in this short but I did like seeing him because there is something so about seeing the Duck family together.

Aunt Gertie also voiced by Tress MacNeille

From what I can gather, this character was created just for Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas and doesn’t actually come from any branch of the Duck Family Tree. Which is surprising how expansive, the Duck family is. It’s one of the largest families in Disney, so I thought for sure that she already existed but my research proves otherwise. As for this character in the short, she was just a gag character that wanted to kiss the boys to death and her gag got old fast.

My Final Thoughts

While I do still believe that this is the weakest of the three segments, I still find it quite enjoyable and it was a good story of looking at what is too much of a good thing. We aren’t done with Huey, Dewey, & Louie just yet.    We will return to Huey, Dewey, & Louie next week but tomorrow we head back to Equestira to once again celebrate Hearth’s Warming as we take a look at




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