This is a special edition of Shipping Confessions since this deals with a canon relationship. So why am I talking about it if it’s canon? The fact is that I ship it and I don’t feel that Betty is given enough credit in The Avengers fandom. Plus people tend to forget that Tony Stark isn’t the first or only person to treat Bruce like a human being (though he’s in second place after Betty).

Sadly Betty, in the MCU, has only appeared in The Incredible Hulk and was not brought up in either The Avengers or Iron Man 3. So I only have one movie to work off of here.

The canon ship I will  be talking about this time is Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. A couple that really seems to be forgotten by the majority of the MCU fandom.

The Incredible Hulk follows Bruce Banner running from General Ross and having to deal with another Hulk-like creature. During the movie Bruce runs into Betty Ross, a girlfriend of his before the gamma ray experiment accident, and ends up having to part from her at the end of the movie.

I’ve talked about Bruce before so this part will be short.

Bruce Banner trusted that his experiment would work so well that he did it on himself. When the experiment goes wrong he transforms into a big, green, unstoppable creature. In the movie it seems to take a little bit for him to accept the fact that when he changes he’s still there and able to control the Hulk.

General Ross feels that now Bruce is his property and so goes after the tortured man. That’s why Bruce is in hiding in both this movie and The Avengers. All the man wants is to live in peace, but General Ross won’t let that happen.

During the movie, Bruce tries to figure out how he can reverse the experiment and that’s one of the reasons he ends up running into Betty Ross.

Betty Ross is General Ross’ daughter and Bruce’s girlfriend before the shit hit the fan.

Betty isn’t just a love interest, but can stand solidly on her own. In the smarts department she is a cellular biologist and she is damn brave on top of that. In numerous instances in the movie she trusts Bruce so much, even as the Hulk, that she doesn’t flee or run in terror.

The moment that I will always recall as one of her bravest feats in the movie is when Bruce and her have found a man that says he has a cure. Betty goes on top of Bruce as he starts to transform and is calm enough to tell the man when Bruce has fully transformed. During this time she doesn’t even flinch.

Betty and Bruce work very well together. Not only are they on the same basic knowledge level, but they care very deeply for each other. This makes whenever they are apart extremely painful and makes me wants to beg to know what is up with Betty. I highly doubt that Bruce wouldn’t try to contact her after the credits end, but all of that is left to headcanons and fanfics.

Bruce never stops caring for Betty and his decision to leave is to keep her safe. He wants to be with her so much but knows that it will be better for her if they don’t meet again. Before they meet up in the film he just sees her and watches without revealing himself because he cares for her.

The Hulk, Bruce’s alter ego, doesn’t seem able to hurt Betty. This happens even when Bruce is not in control. It’s almost like Betty speaks to a deep part of Bruce and that’s beyond beautiful to me. The Hulk is just anger personified and the fact that someone can talk to that creature is…wow.

I really hope that we get informed of how Bruce and Betty stand in the MCU soon. Betty is a character I would love to see more of.

What will I talk about in the next Shipping Confessions? Two FBI agents from the show The Following. One whose obsession with the killer is like a drug and the other one is falling out of grace.

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