Within weeks of Manic Expression going up it was apparent we were destined to be a success. Our membership grew quickly, and everyone loved the vibe. Immediately, a question began to be asked: “What are we going to do for the one year movie?”

I was resistant. I didn’t want to do an anniversary movie. We were struggling to emerge from the shadows of TGWTG, the site many of us started off at. I didn’t want a Kickassia clone that would make everyone point at us and cry “rip off!” My answer to that was Creative Chaos. Not only would it be a documentary, it wouldn’t be an anniversary movie. Instead only the trailer was released on the anniversary while the movie continued to be worked on (this fall, everybody).

However, the anniversary movie wouldn’t die. We have BrekClub to thank for that. Since I wasn’t interested in pursuing the idea, he did. He wrote his own script called A Site in Scarlett. I wasn’t given a choice.

…I was wrong to resist.

What BrekClub did in writing A Site in Scarlett was deliver an anti-Kickassia. He worked around the fact that none of us could be in the same room. He worked around that fact that not everyone would have the same quality camera. More so, he captured the Manic Expression voice. This was not a rip off of Kickassia…this was our own thing.

BrekClub has showed a level of enthusiasm for this project that is infectious. This is something he’s deeply passionate about. He’s committed to delivering the best movie possible and to delivering it on time. “Coming soon” isn’t good enough for him. It’s coming out on our two year anniversary if he has to hunt each of the actors to the ends of the earth.

Is this simply about him wanting us to work on his project though? No. BrekClub could have written anything and asked us to all play characters. He didn’t. He wanted to make a Manic Expression movie. He wanted us to be us. He wanted to give back to a community that he cares about. What makes Manic Expression strong is the love, support, and creativity of each of our members. Patricia and SomeJerk working on the script for the animated movie. Mark doing Digression Session. Creepy editing Bloodshot. The models who’ve recently joined the site after submitting photos for an ad campaign we’re working on. No one pays them to do these things. There isn’t a promise of riches at the end of the project. These are people who want to be a part of something bigger. A part of a community.

By writing A Site in Scarlett and committing to it the way he has, BrekClub has proven himself to be among our most dedicated. He’s a perfect example of what makes us who we are, and I’m proud to have him here.

Oh…and the surprise at the end of A Site in Scarlett, the easter egg that closes things out…I can’t wait for you all to see what is in store for you!

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