The sun sets to amber twilight dusk, faint winds rustle the tumble weed and grass.

Clear sky is given with feeble tales that the stars and planets will shine down on the sandy lands of the old west. Heavy trails of a gallivanting horse soar through unmarked paths.

The fine hairs are cast in to a yellow flinch feather.

The rails bounce with every moment the mighty beast goes. His rider, showing joy for both, leads the stallion further on through the lands. Having scents of the leather seat, freshly oiled gun, and powered up jerky to numb the mind in the endless run.

Faint clank raddle from the spike wheel off the edge of the young’s man boots, as the young steed leaps forward. With the air so dry, ground not touched by railroad man, open skies free from tall buildings, and nature at every pass and turn.

It brings out the inner shifty in us all.

Many tales have given what one could do, if having the chance of being able to release this unknowing being. And go where no other man would ever dare to tread.

As the dust clouds thicken with moving step, covers for that man could never followed. For, he wants to see the old west, on his own.

Let his senses alone being able to take everything in and be what no big-time city man could ever understand. And that one feeling that all senses can understand, is very simple.

So simple, that it will be only said once and only once. So listen, and use your senses to understand what this inner cowboy did once oh-so long ago.

Freedom and lived it.

Against The Sunset by Frederic Remington

Made in the year 1906

Location of when painted; unknown

Against the Sunset - Frederic Remington

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