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Sing your hearts out with ToonGrin as they look at Illumination’s Sing. ENJOY

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  1. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    It’s something like this of why I was made of their rewrite they did way before the final date was closing in. I said before, but I will just say go read here on what I said to another reviewer:, after what to this film, I can see the key moments that were kept but really stayed safe because of it being aimed at kids. I am just down about how it turned out. This was a fitting enough review for it though, nicely done.

    Side question, are you guys ready or go for it in the following film in 2020? Just thought to ask is all.

    Also, their films they have planed so far are: Despicable Me 3 (2017), The Grinch (2018), The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019), Minions 2 (2020), and the last one with a date release that I brought up before is Sing 2 (2020). There are at least five other films, but they are not complete or still in development. So enjoy when those happen.

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    • toongrin
      toongrin says:

      Yeah from now hearing about the last minute rewrite it definitely has the clear scissor signs of that. It is disappointing as I still catch myself relistening to the musical numbers of Johnny every so often during work as his character is still enjoyable.

      For Sing 2 it’s a bit early to really discern anything especially with no real info released yet. But bare bones though not super looking forward to it but if it does come out we’re both hoping it has a centralized character to make the narrative focused

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